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AMA format citation generator for eBook

The American Medical Association (AMA) citation style is a formatting style that was designed to be used in health sciences. You can use a free AMA eBook citation generator to help you in the AMA citation basics including, in-text references, proper formatting of the paper, and endnote generation. ­The citations and formatting guidelines are adapted from the AMA 10th edition manual. Plagiarism is the worst offense you can ever commit in a scholarly work. Even though some people plagiarize intentionally, most of the victims of plagiarism end up out of college just due to the lack of proper citation. If you paraphrase information from a secondary source or use a direct quote, you should properly and clearly reference it using both in-text and reference list citations. If you forget or neglect this, then your work will be said to be plagiarized, and this can have adverse effects on your grade if you are writing for an exam.

If you are writing a lengthy paper or an ebook, you can use our AMA format citation generator for eBook to automatically generate and compile both in-text and reference list citations. One of the common mistakes when writing long documents is to forget one or two references when doing the compilation. We have automated the process to ensure that you do not have to worry about that. Just focus on writing the ebook and let the generator do the citations for you. Another common mistake is using  the wrong formats when doing the citations. People often get mixed up and end up juxtaposing APA, AMA, Harvard, and Turabian all in one document. The surest way to avoid this confusion is to use a citation generator.

The following are some important formatting guidelines to remember when formatting a paper using the AMA system:

Margins: you should always set your margins to one inch all around.

Justification: Do not use the justification style in your word processor. Rather, ensure your text is aligned to the left.

Spacing: AMA recommends the use of block paragraph spacing. With an exception of the abstract, headings, titles, notes, block quotes, table of contents, table of figures, and the references, use a double spacing before as well as after every single spaced block.

FONTS: The recommended font for AMA is Times New Roman. Although, all other serif fonts are accepted. Serif fonts are great for publications while the san serif ones are good for draft documents.

Indention: Half inch indents are recommended

Page Numbers: all page numbers should be put consecutively, and that includes the title page. Changing of numbering systems throughout the paper is prohibited even when using appendixes and other data sets.

Page headers: insert a short page header at the top of the page and align it to the left margin.

AMA in text eBook citation

In-text citations are very important in scholarly writings because that is the only way you let your reader know that you did not just make up what you are writing. Your ebook or paper sounds credible when you have referenced good quality sources in it. The obvious case for referencing a source is when you are using a block quote from a secondary source. However, even the work that you have paraphrased rather than directly quoted still needs to be duly referenced.

The AMA citation is particularly useful in ebooks. When using the AMA style, you employ the superscript feature to list all the sources you want to cite in your work. The sources are chronologically numbered using the Roman superscripts, and they correspond to the sources listed on the references page. The following are some examples of the proper way of doing an AMA in text eBook citation:

One source

It was established that 1

Other researchers also found 2

The same conclusion was arrived at by other researchers3

Citing two sources

When citing two or more sources, you should insert two different superscripts to denote the two different sources. The example below shows how to achieve this:

Recent studies 4,5,6,7 found that patients from the Hispanic community

In the example above, four different sources have been cited.

Direct quotes

Direct quotes are often necessary although it is encouraged to use them only when paraphrasing wouldn’t communicate the idea properly. When you use direct quotes, the superscript should not be enclosed in the speech marks. Consider the example below:

“…most surgical related deaths can be prevented.” 8

Citing a source more than once

When citing the same source for the second time, you just use the number you had assigned it in the first in-text superscript. This way, only one entry in the references list will be needed. However, you have to add the page number for the second and all other subsequent in-text citations. Here is an example

the data gathered and analyzed clearly disproves the former assertions4(212)

Reference formats

The following are some examples of how to reference the sources using the AMA style, on the references pages.

AMA referencing style for books

Last name of the author. First name initial. Middle name initial. Book titlebook subtitle: Edition. Where it was published (place): The name of the publisher; the year it was published

Example (one author):

1.Matt E. Clinical policy regulations. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2009.

Example (Many authors):


  • If the authors are not more than 6, then list all of them separating them with commas
  • If the authors are more than 6, list the names of the first three and add et al.


  1. Feng J, Ghat P, Kent NR. The problem with Public Health: A global perspective.Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett; 1999.

AMA referencing style for ebook

Use the following syntax to generate AMA referencing style for eBook:

Last name of the author, first name initial. Middle name initial. Book title: book subtitle: Edition. Where it was published  (place): The name of the publisher; the year it was published. URL. The date of access  (MM DD YYYY).

AMA referencing style for websites

Make sure to include as much information as is available using the following syntax:

Names of authors. Title of the web page or web resource cited. The website name. The URL. Date the resource was published. The date it was updated. The date it was accessed.