What You Need to Know about Our AMA Email Referencing Services

In school, students are expected to meet the assignment guidelines. A key requirement is to use the correct citation format. Since there are various citation styles, some students usually confuse or lack to familiarize themselves with the formats. For such reasons, they end up being penalized and scoring poor grades. You might say that the lecturers are tough but proper citations are important to show the accuracy of your work. Our company can help you sort out such issues conveniently.  The AMA format has different guidelines as compared to other formats.

Citing emails and other forms of personal communication in AMA is quite different. Unlike books, websites and blogs, email citations should not be included in the reference list. Instead, they are usually included parenthetically in the text. When doing so, ensure to include the highest educational level of the author. It can be a degree, a master’s or a doctorate. You must also indicate the type of communication. In this case, show that the information has been derived from an email.  It is also required that you indicate the date that the email was sent. Some emails are a bit sensitive. For instance, if you want to refer to someone who wants to remain anonymous, do not indicate the name or the day; just show the title of the email.

The AMA citation for an email should appear like the example shown below.

Businesses should embrace internet marketing. (Mark G, M.D., email communication, March 13, 2018)

Note, please do not include the email citation in your reference list.

Now that you have learned how to correctly cite an email in the AMA format, let us look at some of the reasons why students fail to adhere to proper citations.

  • Last minute rush: A lot of students tend handling their assignments during the last minute. The limited time is not enough to gather references and cite them properly. Formatting should be taken seriously as it can lead to deduction of points. Therefore, it is important to start work immediately.
  • Lack of conversance with the format: Despite the tutorials provided by the lecturers, some students still find it hard to familiarize with the citation formats. But it is wise to consult with your teacher if you are not sure about the format.
  • Stress: School work can be very stressful especially when there are tight deadlines and complex assignments. This situation can cause a student to improperly cite references as they struggle to finish the assignment. If you are caught up in such a situation, you can always seek our services.
  • Some institutions fail to have strict rules regarding proper referencing. You find that upon submission of an improperly referenced paper, a student is asked to correct such errors or the teacher just This makes the situation worse as the students will never learn.

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Why You Should Seek AMA Format Citation Help from Us

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