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Citing a Film AMA Format: Solve This Problem with #1 Reference Machine

Say thanks to the American Medical Association, which has established a separate format for citing sources in academic and scientific writing. Have you ever met a citation that looks this way? Acland RD. Acland’s DVD The Structure of Our Organism [DVD]. California,

CA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2007.

It is the way citing a film in AMA format looks like. The worst thing is that a student has to learn the guidelines for every type of source separately as the way he/she should cite a newspaper in AMA is very different from the way they cite the website. That is why our professional academic writing company has decided to lend a helping hand to overloaded students by offering a free online citation generator. We will prove the importance and effectiveness of our innovation below. Hopefully, our website will make a revolution in the world of academic writing by improving the students’ knowledge of various paper formats.

Why Is AMA Citing Tool Important and Useful?

Did you know that you could use different videos as the primary sources to include in your research paper? You just need to select videos related to the field of healthcare & medicine if you need to cite in AMA. What are some types of videos we deal with?

  • Movies
  • Motion pictures
  • TV shows
  • Television series
  • Documentary films
  • YouTube videos
  • Other types of videos

They are all different from the written works like books, articles, or newspapers. By the way, our citation tool can cite the rest of the sources for you as well. That is why an approach to formatting such works is also different. Besides, the way you should cite a Hollywood movie is also different from the way you cite a documentary. It drives many students nuts, but we are here to help with our advanced referencing and citing instrument.

It is true that a film source requires fewer details to specify than printed materials. From one side, it looks much easier as a student has to include less information. On the other side, it is another reason to read one more writing manual and memorize all the guidelines. It is a waste of time!

Quick Formatting Help with Academic Assignment of Any Type

Thanks to the technological progress and our company, you can minimize the time and efforts you spend on citing various sources. It is free of charge, which makes the solution even more attractive for the young people and writers around the world!

What you need is a fast, free online citation generator from the qualified tutors and academic writers. That is exactly who we are. Our team has two brilliant ideas at one time. You can kill two birds with one stone by ordering a custom essay writing from our experts. If you use our free citation generator, however, you will not get the complete solution to the homework prompt. Still, you will obtain citations the way they should show up in your academic assignment:

Our online citation generator, as well as a team of professional academic writers and tutors, can cite any source in the world in any existing writing style. It is one of the things to specify when using our online generator or buying essay writing services. A format is one of the integral parts of academic writing (in addition to the quality of the content itself, structure, and grammar), and, without following it carefully, a student will never get the highest score! As far as our team cares about the success of each English-speaking student, we have developed this online tool for you.

Just like any other paper formats, AMA depends on the type of source you need to cite and reference. It means you cannot cite a book the way you cite websites, etc. In our case, we speak of citing movies as the primary sources. Thus, you know what to select in the field offering various types of sources to choose from:

  • Book
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Website
  • Journal
  • Film
  • Other

Absolutely Free of Charge Online Citing App

While some online generations force students to pay more to work with the rare or advanced styles different from MLA or APA, our tool is free of charge no matter which criteria you choose! There is nothing more to do than simply copy-pasting the reference to your reference list at the end of the paper. A reference list should appear on the last page after a conclusion. It should be a separate page!

Can a movie be a primary source? Yes, there is plenty of movies related to healthcare and nursing out there. They might be useful for your studies. Who said a movie could not contain information as valuable as a scholarly article, for instance? It is wrong! If you are interested in citing DVD, video, or film without studying extra materials for hours, our website is the top solution to your problems! Look at the template used to cite a motion picture, show, series, or documentary. By the way, a list of sources in AMA has a name of the Reference list. A bibliography has different names in various writing styles.

A reference list always goes at the end of the paper even though in-text citations appear anywhere in work. A student has to come up with a reference list to name all the applied sources and provide brief information on each. Do not confuse a typical bibliography with the annotated one. There is no need to write a summary of each source below the full title. Anyway, the reference to AMA style will appear this way:

Title. City: Publisher; Year Published.

An example will look this way: Euthanasia: Legal or Not? Louisiana: Tim Robbins, Ica Films; 2011.

It is okay to copy-paste references. Teachers do not include in-text citations in the overall word count. Thus, it is not considered plagiarism unless a student fails to cite the source properly. With our software, you will never fail this mission!