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Professional Citation Generator for Interview AMA

The American Medical Association knows how to make student’s life challenging. They have introduced one more writing style called AMA. It means those students who study medicine and everything related to healthcare should master the corresponding guidelines as well. In some cases, you will have to use APA. No matter whether you study Psychology and have to apply APA or you are involved in medicine where citing in AMA is a must, our free online citation generator will lend a helping hand in any situation!

Why do these writing styles exist? What is the point of citing and referencing sources inside your own work? Well, you are too young and inexperienced to serve as a credible source. Students are only in the process of learning, and they have not done personal researches or surveys yet to claim anything. Of course, you may come up with a particular hypothesis, but be ready to defend it. To defend it, you will have to search for the supporting evidence in the sources by other authors who used to study the same question. Another option is to hire professional academic writers to complete the paper for you.

Hiring an expert online might be a bit expensive. Not every student can afford to purchase, for instance, a custom dissertation written from cover to cover. Who said you should? Come up with the draft. If it is hard for you to insert in-text citations and then add similar references at the end of the academic project of any complexity, the best way out is to use a free tool for that. Formatting is no longer an obstacle with our user-friendly generating machine!

Specify the Source to Get Quick Help with Formatting

We have created a special online app to generate all possible references. Many different types of sources exist that a student of Healthcare & Medicine may use in his or her works. Our website covers all of those sources. Among all available sources, you can cite the following types of literature (and not only) in your AMA essay or research paper:

  • Book
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Website
  • Journal
  • Film
  • Interview
  • Other

Do not worry: once you specify the type of source, our smart machine based on clever algorithm will sort out the things and offer the most recent solution. Our developers upgrade AMA citation generator regularly to let you obtain the correct references. As you know, various institutions often change the rules of the game by releasing new editions of writing style guides they once established. It makes the situation even more challenging, but not for us! With our tool, each student will receive the up-to-date citations and references to add to the essay.

What does citing the interview mean? First, you should understand that any sort of interview, survey, questionnaire, or poll is a secondary source. It means young writers use them to prove some arguments based on the most recent results of related studies. A secondary source is also an excellent way to demonstrate student’s experience and skills in the chosen field. That is why using our citation machine would be beneficial for everyone studying healthcare or medicine. No matter whether you would like to cite a primary source or a secondary one – insert the known information in the fields of our generator, and obtain a solution in a single click!

Citing Interviews Online Becomes Easier with Us!

If you decide to include personal observations in addition to the results offered by the existing studies (primary sources), it is your right to conduct in-depth research with the help of such instruments as:

  • Poll
  • Survey
  • Questionnaire
  • Interview

We can cite an interview for you. You may find a video interview, broadcast, TV show, online conversation, or a magazine interview. Just insert everything you know about the chosen source in the matching fields of our form and wait a few seconds for the correct result. Copy-paste the offered text and add it to your research paper. Right, you will use AMA mostly in research papers, as they are the main tools of grading in medical colleges.

Would you like to do an interview on your own? Make sure to select only field experts! Otherwise, your answers will not count. Make a list of questions you believe are relevant, engaging, and up-to-date. Make them sound professional by adding medical terminology! That is it! Leave the rest of the things to our professional online citing machine. It will create proper citations and references even for the interview you took part in!

To have your reference list for AMA paper created automatically, specify the following details:

  • Author’s name.
  • Title of the source.
  • Publication place and date.
  • A number of issues, volume (if available).
  • Cited pages (in numbers).

In rare cases, you may want to add some extra details. However, even half of the information is enough for our smart generator: it can scan the entire web to recognize what you mean if you do not have the full information on the source. Thus, there is no need to worry.

Let Our Innovative Software Generate Immediate Solutions for You

Therefore, our tool provides you with two types of formatting elements: citations and references. In most cases, it will show exactly how the reference should show up in the bibliography called reference list on the last page of the work. The finished reference for an AMA interview will look this way:

Gore J. Euthanasia: Is It Ethical to Let Doctors Murder Patients upon Their Will? 2013.

As you can see, there is nothing more to mention except for the author’s surname and initial, the title of the interview, and publication date (a year alone would be enough). Still, you may confuse an interview with other sources. Besides, the way citation pops up also depend on the type of source with the interview of your choice. Thus, you should not risk – it is better to rely on the online helper in the shape of our innovative citation generator.

As for the in-text citations, our machine will offer something like this:

“A simple help from professionals from those who deserve it” 1

Except for the citation itself, it will give a number to search for in the reference list. That is where you will need to insert the full reference copied for our service.

Stop reading those endless writing style guides today – just rely on our innovative, smart machine!