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This is What You Need to Familiarize with When Citing a Podcast AMA.

Referencing the sources used in your work is part and parcel of academics. However, many students still find it hard to cite sources in their work.  AMA is a referring style that is mainly used by scholars to cite medical research papers. The scope has however expanded, and this style can be used for several sciences. One of the most outstanding features of this style is that citations are done using numbers. Before we delve into how podcast are cited using this style, let’s discuss the guidelines and features of this style that can help you cite a podcast correctly.

Outlined here are the key characteristics and guidelines of the AMA format:

  • One of the key aspects to consider is that in AMA, it is important to avoid using abbreviations or acronyms. However, you can use them when representing Standard Units of measurements. In this case, you will have to write the abbreviation without putting periods in the middle. When you use a state name in the manuscript, it should appear fully within the text but abbreviated in the reference list.
  • Another feature of this style is that numbers have to be used. The only exceptions for using numerals are when fractions and ordinals are used. In some cases, it is allowed to spell out some numbers. For instance, when a sentence begins like this “2 5-inches pieces of wood were used”, you can write this sentence as “two 5-inches pieces of wood were used”. This way, it will not be confusing to add the numeral value of the reference.
  • Also, references usually appear in alphabetical order and also assigned numbers. These numbers are the ones you use to make in-text They often appear as superscripts when used in the text.
  • Ensure that the superscript appears immediately after the idea or concept derived from the source.
  • When writing dates, ensure they begin with the month, the day and then followed by the year. There should be a comma between the day and the year.

Podcasts are very important sources of information and can be cited in different formats.  Citing podcasts using the AMA format is very easy. The reference must contain the author’s name, the title of the podcast, its year of publication, the source and the link to the site where it can be found online.

This is an example of how the podcast should appear in the reference list.

Fraiser, A. Open For Business by eBay. 2016. Available at  Accessed March 12, 2018.

Also, note that the AMA citation requirements in your paper might vary. Ensure to consult with your lecturer about his or her expectations in the paper to reduce penalties in your work.

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