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Best APSA Format Citation Generator – Free and Efficient

American Political Science Association (APSA) uses the latest – 6th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). In case you’re looking to submit an article to the American Political Science Review (APSR) professional journal or turn in a paper in Political Science in the framework of your curricular, then you should pay special attention to your literary and editorial style. Otherwise, the manuscript will become subject to numerous amendments and improvements.

APSA citation style isn’t that difficult to master since it’s pretty similar to Chicago style. However, the APSA (American Political Science Association) manual instructs students to pay special attention to the authenticity of the information delivered in a paper. Paper reviewers strongly discourage students to submit papers containing data which has already been published. In case you’re unaware of whether the topic of your research has already been studied and dwelled upon in any other paper, this should be addressed in the cover letter first. Consequently, before commencing any serious writing job, you’ll first and foremost have to analyze papers which have already been published and then try to elaborate on a topic which is as unique as possible.

APSA citation style submission guidelines

In case you’re looking to publish your article on the designated journal, remember that APSR manifests a unified paper submission procedure. These instructions are imperative to follow, where some of the reviewing practices are pretty unusual for a student who’s working with APSA referencing for the first time.

  • Submit 5 copies of a manuscript – APSA follows the double-blind peer reviewing approach, that’s why only one copy should be identified as to your authorship. Make sure that copies contain full content of the original manuscript, including tables, appendices, figures, and references;
  • Place acknowledgments on the title page – All acknowledgments must be placed on the title page, placing them inside the main body of the text is forbidden;
  • Use of citations – All citations must be mentioned in the bibliography and referenced accordingly in the text;
  • Anonymous copies should contain the title and the abstract – Signed copy sent for review must contain name, educational institution, contact information of an author and acknowledgments;
  • Additional documentation might be required – When reviewing committee is in doubt, you might be asked to forward such information as data analysis methods used, sources of information found, etc.

APSR instructs all students to send a special submission form. The title of the form should be no longer than 12 words, with an abstract summarizing a paper in no more than 150 words. Margins are 1 ½ inches on all sides, and right margin must not be justified. The font is 11 point. Should you fail to fit into such instructions, your paper won’t be reviewed and therefore sent for revision. Submission form has the following table of contents:

  • Title page, abstract
  • Text
  • Appendix (optional)
  • Notes (optional)
  • References
  • Tables (titled and numbered)
  • Figures (titled and numbered)

Before a manuscript is submitted, you’re recommended to check if all instructions are followed thoroughly. Receiving a paper for revisions and amendments isn’t only unsettling, it’s also time-taking. That’s why you should take care of the submission ins and outs very well to turn a paper in on the first try and call it a day.

A guide on how to cite APSA format

Writing a good article requires a student to use quotes to support one’s point of view and compliment the research. Most of the time, students find it difficult referencing quotes up to the mark, correctly and mistake-free. That’s why Grade Miners decided to make our in-house APSA format citation generator tool available for open use to anyone submitting a paper to APSR.

To create APSA citation you can either use our free instrument or do the job yourself. Depending on how much free time you have at the moment, both options will suffice. In case you’re looking to apply the style yourself, there’re a couple of hints for you.

Proper APSA citation usually requires the last name of the author, year of publication and sometimes the page or number of the chapter where a quote was taken from. The list of all books, articles or websites cited must appear at the end of the paper. Citations used in tables and figures must also appear in the reference section of your text.

The parenthetical citation isn’t applied. What you have to do is list the authors according to the appearance of their quotes in your text, from first to last. In case you’re working with Internet sources and government documents, they should be formatted as closely to normal sources as possible. The next chapter with examples will reveal more about how it’s done.

APSA citation examples

Using a free APSA citation generator or working under your own steam, citations will have the following look. First, let’s start off with a reference containing only one author:

“The delegation of power in developing countries” (Doe 1999)

What if there are two-three authors? Cite all names accordingly:

“The delegation of power in developing countries” (Foo, Bar, and Doe 1999)

In case there are more than three authors, first author’s name should be followed by et al. (in Roman type):

“The delegation of power in developing countries” (Foo at al. 1999)

There are times when your quote is built on more than one study. In such case, the following pattern is applied:

“The delegation of power in developing countries” (Foo 1997; Bar 1998; Doe 1999)

What if the author’s quotes have the same last name? Happens more often than you think, so use the first name too. All in all, the full official manual contains a substantial amount of minor recommendations and instructions which simply won’t fit in this article length. That said, we strongly recommend using APSA in-text citation generator to save extra free time reading the complete manual and applying all its specifications correctly.

Why use APSA in-text citation generator?

Professional APSA citation maker does the task of referencing a quote in seconds. Simply pick a reference style you require – APA, MLA, Chicago, ACS, ASA or APSA, and click on the Generate button. Faster than you could count to five, the system will produce 100% relevant citation which could be easily copy-and-pasted into your article. Will a professor allow using a citation tool? Why won’t she? It’s legit and doesn’t interfere with any college and university plagiarism policy. Just as any other instrument used to streamline paper writing process, quote generator is fully verified to be used by students on a permanent basis.

Our service offers you an unlimited number of quotes generated 24/7 without any fee. Check out some of the best APSA citation examples online and then get a quote using our tool. See that they are equally formatted, meaning Grade Miners instrument works perfectly well? Some time ago, the service of APSA citation online was available for our writing panel only. We used it to automate the paper referencing process so that the experts could tackle customer assignments faster. But recently we’ve decided to let anyone use the tool free of any charge and without any restrictions. Citation generation is really one of those things in academic writing that should be automated in 2017.

Is APSA referencing included when I get a new paper?

Automatic APSA citation comes with every new paper ordered from our site. You pay for a paper which implies doing the research, drawing up a consistent draft, proofreading it and using a required citation style. Your fee covers all of the writing aspects mentioned above, meaning you don’t have to do anything yourself. At the same time, in case you’ve just done a paper at home and now are seeking to take care of references in a quality fashion, you’ll have to use the dedicated instrument yourself. By and large, whatever your goals are, at Grade Miners you’ll find all the required solutions, from “how to” blog posts and automatic citations to whole new plagiarism-free papers done from scratch.

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