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ASA Format Citation Generator for FREE

ASA referencing style is required by American Sociological Association. The main difference between ASA and MLA citation formats is that ASA requires all the sources cited using parenthetical in-text references. For a student who does essays and compositions on a permanent basis, there’s nothing difficult about mastering this particular citation format. However, when the time is lacking, and you feel too tired to carry on with referencing all of the quotes used in a paper, you might want to use an ASA citation maker – a free online instrument offered by Grade Miners. It’s easy to use and costs you absolutely no money.

To use the free ASA citation generator, you have to provide the text and click on the Generate button. In a couple of seconds, the tool will generate a finely referenced text following all applicable ASA (American Sociological Association) prerequisites. For someone used to MLA and APA citation formats, the process of referencing a paper in a new style might take additional time which you might not have. Plus, there’s a necessity to get familiar with how to work with a Cover Page, Abstract, Margins, and Subheadings in the framework of ASA, which takes away even more time. That’s why we highly advise you to save your evening and format the paper automatically using the toolkit we developed.

Best ASA in-text citation generator

Without a moment’s hesitation, we can honestly say that this ASA format citation generator is the most up-to-date and technologically advanced citation toolkit available online. Besides, it’s completely free! Simply provide the text, choose a required referencing format (APA, MLA, ASA, Chicago, AMA, ACS, IEEE, APSA, Harvard) and let the system work. By default, generating a citation takes no more than a couple of seconds, outputting your text formatted according to the 5th edition ASA standard. What kinds of texts can you forward for citing?

  • Website post
  • Book
  • Newspaper article
  • Journal
  • Ebook
  • Academic paper

As a student, you will find this ASA citation online tool supremely useful. As we all know, college instructors and professors, in general, are quite demanding when it comes to referencing quotes. The chances are that you’ve already been receiving lower grades because of improper citing. Indeed, reading a manual isn’t enough. What you must do is comprehend all the required format demands and correctly apply that. More often, that’s impossible because of format cornerstones and too much of difficult-to-comprehend manual text. To help you out, we’ve come up with this useful citing instrument which covers all known formatting styles, including ASA.

A guide on how to cite ASA format

To create ASA citation, you should keep in mind an array of peculiarities common for this particular format. There’s nothing difficult, all you have to do is keep in mind the following requirements:

  • Cover page – Separate page with a full manuscript title, the name of the author and your educational institution. Total word count including footnotes and references should be listed at title page as well;
  • Abstract – If your paper type demands an Abstract, it always immediately follows the cover page, including the title of the text but without any mentioning of author’s name. According to instructions, abstract is 150-200 words long and also features up to 5 keywords and phrases to give readers a general idea of what your text is about;
  • The first page – Starts with a new page and includes a title of the manuscript too, just as you did with Title Page and Abstract;
  • Subheadings – As a rule, ASA formatting style implies three levels of subheadings as sufficient. The first level is written in ALL CAPS, text left-aligned and has the normal The second-level subheading is italicized and camel-cased. Speaking about the third-level subheadings, they’re italicized and written with only the first word capitalized;
  • Footnotes – Listed at the bottom of the page, featuring materials referenced on the page. Footnotes are numbered consecutively with superscript Arabic numerals through paper;
  • Tables and figures – Must occupy a separate page at the end of the manuscript, featured with a proper title and sufficient description relevant to the one found in the main text;
  • Margins – Standard margins are 1 ¼ inches on all sides unless otherwise instructed by your professor;
  • Page numeration – Pages are numbered consecutively starting with a Cover page and up to the references page.

Also, you have to remember the American Sociological Association has a rather strict Code of Ethics regarding plagiarism. Always make sure your manuscript features original content only, that’s 100% imperative for a paper in Sociology. To make sure there is no plagiarism, use either paid software like Copyscape or run the text through 3-4 free instruments to know for sure.

ASA 5th edition examples

Before we start, it’s necessary to mention that the 5th edition of ASA has an extra chapter regarding citing the online source. Since Internet became a valuable source of reliable reference information in the form of interviews, webinars, and online articles, the need to format quotes taken from the web appeared. ASA 5th edition is designed to give an adequate response to such need. Without any further ado, this is how you are supposed to reference an online article with one author:

Jon, Doe F. 2017. “How to Master ASA Citation Style.” Journal of Effective Studying

11(5):506-507. Retrieved October 21, 2017 (URL).

With two authors:

Jon, Doe F., and Jeremy Cox. 2017. “How to Master ASA Citation Style.” Journal of Effective Studying

11(5):506-590. Retrieved October 21, 2017 (URL).

In case you have to reference a printed text, here’s the example to follow:

Jon, Doe M. 2017. “How to Master ASA Citation Style.” Journal of Effective Studying 5:506-590.

With two authors:

Jon, Doe M., and Jeremy Cox. 2017. “How to Master ASA Citation Style.” Journal of Effective              

Studying 5:506-590.

Looking to reference a book? It’s pretty simple, actually:

Jon, Doe. 2017. How to Master ASA Citation Style. Brooklyn, NY: New Press of Brooklyn.

As you see, ASA 5th edition examples are no big deal. All you have to remember about is that there’s a difference between online and printed sources as well as slight discrepancies when a source is drawn up by one or more authors. Working with a couple of different citation sources isn’t that hard at all. Just take the time to carry out some patient and careful job to be able to turn in a consistent paper which is accepted from the first try.

ASA referencing style aid online

When working with numerous referential sources, you might lose track of quotes and thus have to spend extra time to get things right. What about an alternative? ASA in-text citation generator will save you 2-3 hours quoting a paper. Plus, the system does the job 100% correctly without any errors or typos. Automatic ASA citation tool is a quick and painless way to format your paper without any headache. It’s free, available 24/7 and does the quoting job in seconds, while students normally spend hours. Add this page to your bookmark and visit each time there’s paper in Sociology with numerous quotes which must be cited.

For a busy student with hectic timelines, instant citation generation is a real-deal helper-outer. Doing in one minute what has previously been taking an hour is a good deal, especially when it’s free. Working on complex research papers where more than 30 quotes from different informational channels will eventually put extra hours of free time to your money-box. Try the instrument once, and you’ll never want to do citations manually again in your life.

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