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How do you cite and reference a newspaper article in Bluebook online?

Before you aim to cite a source, you must first understand what it is. Informative sources come in all shapes and sizes. And as such we must learn of each source we aim to use in our research. Sources may vary on their presentation and intended audience, some few examples of informative sources include, but not limited to;

  • Dissertations – this is a written final year project written by another student after carrying out research into a certain area of study.
  • Emails correspondence – refers to any informative piece of information you might have received from a reliable source that is delivered via an email address.
  • Newspapers – this is a periodical publication with articles from different writers published under one title. It is available in both print and digital media.
  • Podcasts – this is a means of broadcasting video, audio and other digital formats via the internet
  • Blog posts – this represents an informal style of writing, driven by posts that may be informative if the source can be verified. Often delivered through a website over the internet

Each of the source above has their own unique characteristics and as such demand a unique formatting, citing and referencing style.  The blue book format has made it easier for scholar to accurately cite and reference such sources in their studies and papers. In this case we will discuss how we can help you correctly cite your newspaper articles using the bluebook citation and referencing formatting style.

The bluebook style of writing is employs a uniform system of citing and referencing your papers. It is the most common citation and referencing type used in legal environments. We aim to help both educators and their students as well as independent researchers to correctly credit any information sourced from newspapers.

We have made it easy to access our citation and referencing machine that it has become a must for students to cite and reference their newspaper articles. This bluebook is designed with you, a law student having challenges correctly citing and referencing their sources within their papers. You can find out what this legal citation system rally is and how we can help you cite and reference like a professional.

You can visit our web paper and view any of our citation and referencing examples we have made. We also provide an in line citation and reference list template for use with blue book formatting of your papers. We use the format compiled and agreed upon by the Pennsylvania University and Harvard law review associations as well as the Yale journal of law.

We support various different formats within our blue book citation, referencing and formatting services; some of these formats include some Supreme Court case files that are available to the public, and their corresponding status, and other smaller legal case files you might find useful. Ach source in bluebook citation and referencing has a unique formatting to it.

When writing your inline citation from a newspaper article in blue book according to the lay reviews and law journals, it should look something like;

First name of the Author followed by his/ her Surname, Title of the article, the newspaper publication title, the year the newspaper is/ was published, from which ages was your article located, link to the website hosting the newspaper (if it is electronic) (and finally the date you visited the site). This is the format you are to expect when you generate your bluebook citations and references with us.

Thus, after writing your content you should always strive to provide accurate citations and references to the sources you have used. This provides your readers with additional information on your topic and also works to support your ideas and thought processes. We guide you and provide our help in acknowledging the newspaper article writers whose information you have used. Also we offer n=many benefits with our bluebook citation and reference generator, such as;

  • Acknowledge other people’s influence, input and guidelines in your final paper.
  • By citing and referencing your papers your papers are free of any plagiarized materials.
  • Citation and referencing allow your readers to follow up on your work and verify your facts from the sources you provided.
  • Portrays the fact that you carried out research into your area of study by including newspaper articles with similar or supporting information.

You may be a seasoned writer or a student struggling to write his or her first academic paper. Newspapers are a great source of information and you have to learn how to cite and reference them correctly, down to the last full stop. However there has always been a challenge with the formatting citing and referencing even with the bluebook style of writing. The proper placement of comas, full stops, colons, semi-colons and where to italicize or underline could pose an issue even for the most experienced writers and teachers.

With our citation generator you are not to worry about the intricacies of blue book citation and referencing, but focus on your content for a more detailed final paper. That is why people worldwide are succeeding in their writing with reputable citation generators such as ours. Deliver the best and professionally written citations and reference, formatted using our generator in accordance with the bluebook style of writing.

All our services are geared to helping your writing stand above the rest, we achieve this by allowing us to generate your citations and references at very affordable rates. With our continued support all your newspaper articles will be cited and referenced to bluebook standards, thus making your paper ready to submit. In addition to citation generation we also offer other writing services such as editing and proofreading where necessary. Make your way to our online platform where you are welcomed by positive reviews from our other satisfied clients.