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Why Have We Developed Chicago Format Citation Generator for Ebook?

In the instructions of any essay, you can notice formatting as one of the bullet points. Formatting is also a great part of the grading rubric. A whole passage is dedicated to it. So, it is impossible to score high on your essay without knowing the principles of formatting.

There are several writing styles. You may wonder what’s the difference between them. Well, each style exists for a specific field of studies. As for Chicago, a format established by the University of Chicago, it is usually used in the historical research. Students who study literature, anthropology, religious studies, and sociology sometimes apply this format as well.

In fact, you have to follow the tutor’s instructions unless you are free to choose the writing style. Chicago is not recommended to students as it is far more flexible than MLA and APA. It means that it is more difficult to understand it and memorize the basic rules. However, sometimes there is no way out when you should use this format according to the paper’s instructions.

Discursive footnotes are, perhaps, what makes this particular writing style so difficult to master. Other formats may contain footnotes as well, but Chicago has them as a must.

Luckily for you, talented web developers have created a free Chicago ebook citation generator which allows generating the citations for your essay automatically and within a couple of seconds. You can find it online at our website.

Chicago Referencing Style for Ebook and Other Sources

The main purpose of our online generator is to teach students how to format essays according to Chicago writing style. It is much faster to insert the information in our generator’s field than to study full writing guides.

You may wonder why formatting is needed at all. Well, your teachers usually ask to use specific sources in order to collect information on the given topic. To prove your words, you should insert facts and statistics from the credible and authoritative sources like textbooks and journals. However, if you add the quote without addressing its author and specific work, it will be considered plagiarism. Plagiarized parts will greatly reduce your final grade.

Sources to Be Cited in Chicago

With the help of our Chicago referencing style for ebook, you can quote the following primary sources.

  • Book.
  • Magazine. It is a popular edition published periodically (e.g. twice a month or every week). It contains the information on specific subject or interest.
  • Newspaper. A regular edition which describes certain events, latest news, offers fresh interviews, exclusive materials, and opinion articles.
  • Website. A set of internet pages with the information and facts on the topic of interest or different topics.
  • Journal. A scholarly project published periodically. It contains in-depth research.
  • Film. A movie or documentary which may help to research the given problem.

Thus, every student must develop a bibliography which represents the list of all used sources on the last page of your paper.

The Components of Bibliography

A bibliography includes the necessary publication information. It should obey the next structure:

  1. The reference list must be single-spaced unlike the rest of the text
  2. It is important to allocate all source sin alphabetical order, meaning that the author whose last name begins with A goes first, and the author with the last name starting with Z goes in the end
  3. The second line of the source is indented just like every first sentence of the new paragraph

If you prepare an Annotated Bibliography or Literature Review, follow the same principles.

As a rule, the full reference requires:

  • Author’s last name and first letter of the first name
  • Full title of source
  • Publication date (month and year)
  • Publisher’s name
  • City of publication
  • Date of access
  • Page numbers with the used citations and other information
  • URL or DOI for sources you got from the internet

Usually, Chicago style combines notes and bibliography systems. It means that you work with the author-date style. Use our special tool known as Chicago format citation generator for ebook to develop in-text citations as well as bibliography list faster than you can think. Just register at our website, sign in to your account (it is free of charge), and choose ‘Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition.’ You may choose between the full-tone bibliography and author-date style. In any case, you will get it right!

H2: How to Work on Your Footnotes Using Chicago in Text Ebook Citation Machine

If your instructor demands footnotes from you, do not hesitate to use our service too.

The format of a footnote.

  • Instead of inserting parentheticals like you do when you type in APA or MLA, Chicago usually requires adding footnotes at the end of each page. So, if you decide to add in-text citation, rewrite the words of another author, or recall statistics or facts from the official source, you have to:
  • Add a superscript number with the help of your Word function at the end of the referred sentence.
  • This number must appear after the period. Do not add any punctuation after it.
  • Every number should relate to the matching number at the page’s foot. While the note numbers in your text are defined as superscript numbers, the notes are full-size.
  • In your footnote, mention the author’s last and first name, full title, and publication details. Capitalize the titles, separate the details using a comma, italicize the titles of the books and academic journals; put the titles of less significant works in quotation marks.
  • Always put a period at the end of each citation unless you add URL or DOI
  • Check whether the notes are separated from the body text with a typed line 1,5.”
  • There is no need to double-space the notes. The first line of each footnote is indented 2 spaces from the margin.

As you can see, there are many rules to keep in mind when you simply want to add in-text quotation. We believe that it would be much easier and more efficient to apply our Chicago in text ebook citation machine instead of doing everything manually.