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How is citing an interview Chicago do?

As we have earlier mentioned a bibliography or reference page is an important page for any writing that involves citing other people’s work. It is the page in which you indicate your compressive sources of that support your opinion or thesis of your essay. Therefore, when referencing an interview for your work you need to understand that it’s only that interview that is conducted by any other individuals or in other term published an interview that can be indicated on the bibliography. For interviews that you personally conduct you will only use them as an in-text citation. While citing an interview Chicago your bibliography must contain the following;

  • Interviewee name- this is the name of the person being interviewed. For Chicago citation format you use the first and last name of the interviewee on the bibliography.
  • Interviewer name- this is the name of the person conducting the interview.
  • Date of the interview- date in which the interview was conducted
  • Interview location- the location in which the interview was done

As a writer, it is also important to distinguish between the published and the unpublished interviews. Published interview include interviews conducted by other individuals mostly periodically or documented. On the other hand, unpublished interview involves personal conversation either through phones or one-on-one, letters, and, emails. The unpublished interview should be used as an in-text citation on your article.

However, you shouldn’t worry so much because we have your back, you don’t have to write the references manually. Our citation machine will do it automatically for you. We know that as a student you have little time to submit your work before the deadline given by your teacher. It is a great benefit for you to use our citation tool so as to save your time as well as to write viable and quality bibliography.

What is the importance of Chicago citation interview?

As you have so far seen and understand the importance of citing your academic or any other article. It will enable you to gain good grade for your work, provide credibility for your work but more so it ensures that you appreciate and give due credit to other writers. Writers’ whose work you use to justify your ideas on your work have taken a lot of time conducting intensive research to come up with content that can be used by other scholars and writers, therefore it is only fair to appreciate them.

Moreover, we have seen that you can get information from various sources such as books, article journals, magazines and newspapers, pictures, drawing, images, films, among many other sources. Interviews are also a source of information that can be used when writing an essay. Whenever you are using citation interview for your essays you need to know that we use the general format for Chicago in-text citation as well as a bibliography.

Format for citing an interview Chicago

The Chicago general for in-text citation is ‘Author-Date’. Though you do not have to memorize all the writing format so that you can be able to draw a difference from them, you can refer to the Chicago manual to learn more. But most importantly we have you covered, our website is equipped with a comprehensive tool that will enable you to cite your reference with ease.

Manage your Chicago interview using our citation machine

As we have also that as a student you must be able to differentiate various writing style. This will enable you to use the correct format as specified by the nature of article your writing. In addition, a various field such as sociology, physiology, and science require specific formats in referencing and citing them. The page structure or page layout is also different in various formats. These differences vary from one style to another and they include;

  • Page margins
  • Article paragraphs
  • Article fonts, font size
  • Spacing
  • Indentation
  • Intervals

The advantage of using our citation machine is that you have all the option to select which style your intent to use. Furthermore, our machine is far better than others that will charge you money to use their services. Ours is free, convenient and fast to use. All you have to do is access it through the browser of your computer by search our name. It is featured with a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. One of the objectives of developing our site was to eliminate complications that are available on other sites that make it difficult for the student to navigate the machine. With our machine, you will not regret the service.

Another great advantage of using our machine is that it is featured with plagiarism machine for ensuring that your work doesn’t appear as a copy of another work.  Plagiarism is a serious issue that has affected a significant number of the student for coy and pasting other writers’ work and uses it as their work. Teachers and lecture use powerful machines to check plagiarism and they will always know a cheating student and it can cost you severely. You can lose a grade on your paper or at times you will have to redo the work again. That way we encourage you to use our Chicago style Interview citing machine.

Whenever you are required to write and submit your work do not worry yourself much, all you need to do is to carry out research about the topic you want to address. Conduct interviews or look for published interviews and our machine will assist you in writing the references. For the in-text citation, you also don’t have to worry for you can refer to the guidance on our site. What a deal that our machine will also assist you to correct any other mistake that you may have committed on your articles such as grammatical errors and any structural error according to the specification of the format you are using. Always use our site for good grades.