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Pick Your Best Chicago Format Citation Generator for Journal Article

All students face the need to format their essays according to one of the styles sooner or later. There are even more writing styles than you can imagine. They include:

  • APA
  • Chicago
  • Harvard
  • IEEE
  • MLA
  • Turabian
  • GB7714
  • GOST
  • ISO
  • SIST02

Turabian and Chicago are pretty much the same. There are still a plenty of genres and rules to memorize. If you plan to take on some English language tests, which include essay writing part, you have to remember at least a couple of paper formats to apply when citing sources. However, if you are given a research paper assignment as your homework, you have a chance to overcome a time-consuming process of learning writing style guides. This choice is Chicago Format Citation Generator for Journal Article.

There are a lot of types of primary sources to consider. Each of them has its unique approach to inserting in-text citations. Thus, you should memorize not only the guidelines of the specific paper format but also the way to quote each type of cited sources as well as how each type of source appears on the References Page.

The primary sources are:

Textbooks/Books. The basic sources for any student paper.

Journals. There are academic and scientific journals. They usually include research papers on the different important issue. Use them to collect statistics and findings of the previous researchers.

Newspapers. Informative periodicals regularly released to keep the audience in touch with all the recent news and events in the society.

Websites. Online resources that may contain all the sources named above in the digital format.

If you use any of the sources mentioned above, you should be aware of the way it is referenced. Our free Chicago journal article citation generator is developed to minimize your errors when citing journals in Chicago or Turabian style.

Chicago in Text Journal Citation Machine from Experienced Educators and Writers

Our essay writing service has created one more free offer to save student’s time and nerves. You can insert the information you have to receive an automatically generated reference for your chosen source. The process takes just several seconds.

Our user-friendly interface allows playing with quotes in any writing styles without any obstacles. Why would you read thick writing guides and manuals while there are automated apps ready to solve your problems with formatting?

You can format your paper in two ways. First, you can do it manually by choosing corresponding functions of Microsoft Word. It has all necessary features required to format an academic essay or research paper properly. So, the first two ways are manual:

  1. Format paper with the help of special Microsoft Word easy-to-use citation generating software. Add all in-text citations and information on sources manually.
  2. Another option is to apply free, online citation generating machines to insert resource details from any type of the primary sources mentioned above. Just choose your source, put the given details in the field of our Chicago format citation generator for a journal article, create a citation along with the full bibliography reference that you can then copy and paste into your academic essay.

Through years of analyzing the ways other online generators work, we have concluded that the best online citation software. It should allow the following features:

  • Build citations and bibliographic references for any writing style to copy and paste into the academic paper later;
  • Look up parameter which makes it possible to search for the reference. It can be done by using, for example, page URL, name of the source, );
  • Automatically convert the discovered information into a citation and reference;
  • Opportunity to register and use a free account and store already generated references for further usage;
  • ISBN look up (for APA and MLA basically); availability of many different formats.

We have found that the best websites with such generators included BibMe, Citation Machine, and EasyBib. These are all great websites, but they all have something in common that makes our innovation stand out.

First and for most, their developers rarely update the machines while the responsible associations make changes to the established writing styles regularly. The University of Chicago, for instance, always updates the principles of formatting academic research papers in Chicago. As for our Chicago in text journal citation software, we make sure that all the latest standards are considered.

Our team hires the best developers, writers, and educators to improve the quality of this service. Even though it is free, we want to make sure every student has an opportunity to format the academic paper in accordance with the required format. It has a great impact towards your final grade per essay.

The Way Chicago Referencing Style for Journal Article Works

If you have a draft and you don’t want to buy a custom research paper online only to get a properly formatted content, ask our online citation machine for help. You just go to our website, sign up or sign in, and start receiving free citations in any writing style.

Here are the things every user of our software has to take into account when using the generator:

  • Author’s first and last name
  • Title of the source (book, article, )
  • Name of the journal (if you decide to use this type of primary source)
  • Volume number
  • Issue number
  • Number of pages with the selected quotations
  • Publication date

There are many examples of proper academic writing formatting online for free. In case you are not sure how to format your paper using the corresponding Word functions or simply don’t want to waste your time, our citing machine is the right option for you.

We will help to create accurate footnotes as the part of Chicago style. For example,

American Diabetes Association, National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management

Education, (New York, Diabetes Care Association, 31(1), 2013), 3.

Jessica Suhrheinrich, Examining the Effectiveness of a Train-the-Trainer Model, (Evanston, IL: Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness, 2011), 4.

If you decide to apply the same source once more, just shorten the author’s last name, the title of the source, and the cited pages. When there is more than one author, simply ignore the rest when adding the source to your Bibliography.

With our Chicago referencing style for journal article generator, the process becomes even clearer and easier. All you have to do is to enter the address of our website or find it in your saved browser history, select the referencing style you want, put down the available information on the source, and – voila! You have an excellently cited essay on hands!