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Learn to Format Your Harvard Dissertation/Thesis Online

Dissertations are usually final year assessments that are submitted by scholars in pursuit of academic achievement mainly for Ph.D. and masters level students. A dissertation or thesis is different from other academic assessments in that you are required to carry out research on the subject matter and present a correctly formatted paper with factual information based on your research and investigation. It is also accompanied by your deductions, observations, and inferences, and lastly populated with citations and references to back them up.

There are various steps that you need to take before your dissertation is ready for submission. First, you are expected to decide on one research topic from the choices provided or come up with one for which you will carry out your research. With the information from your investigation, you are to write a correctly formatted thesis that meets all academic thresholds. However, having the content for the dissertation is only half the battle.

The real task is formatting, citing and correctly referencing your thesis. Our company specializes in formatting Harvard Dissertation/Thesis online at very competitive rates. We have a dedicated system that is ready to proofread, and format your paper in accordance with Harvard citation and referencing style. We help many students from various disciplines and different levels of education worldwide.

From whichever academic theme, be it a complex research paper or a lengthy and time-consuming literature dissertation, all you need to do is visit our online website and place your request with our support team who are always available, for their assistance in formatting your thesis to university or personal preferences such as the Harvard formatting style.

What is In a Harvard Citation and Reference?

As we have noticed, formatting poses a challenge to most scholars who have the content for the paper but do not know how to present it in the appropriate formatting style. Harvard referencing and citation style, also known as parenthetical referencing and citing, is represented by partial citations within parenthesis within the text itself.  For example, “(John 2017, p.1)” included after quoted or paraphrased information in your dissertation. Such a citation is called an in-text citation.

In-text citations are a reference list that shows more information about the external sources of information incorporated into your dissertation; the reference list or works cited is arranged in alphabetical order. All this information is available in the Harvard style manual. However, with our fast, affordable and reliable formatting services, you are not subject to read these long and boring style manuals. We will take charge of the formatting process of your dissertation and make sure it is academically viable and meets all your preferences. As such, our company has the best Harvard style guide experts each proficient in their own distinct academic fields. We also offer services in the formatting of;

  • Graphs, charts, tables, figures and equations contained in your thesis
  • List of figures& tables, table of contents, and cover page of your thesis
  • Endnotes, References, bibliography and in-text
  • Appropriate margins, title page, heading, running head, headings and page numbering (pagination) in the dissertation.

A correctly formatted paper with information sourced from other people’s dissertations will take you a long way in furthering your aspiration to develop expertise in your respective academic field. Therefore seeking a professional formatting company, such as ours is the best option for you. In whichever way you write the content for your dissertation certain elements are necessary; the introduction, literature review, methodologies applied, results of the study, thoughts, and considerations, and finally the conclusion and recommendations.

Understand the Importance of Referencing Information

If you do not cite your dissertation sources, appropriately you run the risk of failing or even being fined because of plagiarism. Plagiarism is the use of another person’s written works or intellectual property and passing them off as your own; this is the case whether it is intentional or not. Therefore to be on the safe side make it a practice to seek out our help while citing and formatting your dissertations, as a precise and truthful dissertation’s citations and references is at the top of the list when it comes to avoiding cases of plagiarism. By using our automated system, you do not have to worry about plagiarized information as all the external sources are cited and referenced according to the specifications stipulated in the Harvard referencing manual.

In addition, you can learn how to reference future dissertations with the use of our automated system. Harvard citing and referencing is not a difficult style to master, as such you will be a pro in no time with our automated referencing system. Furthermore, you should not let it slip your mind that you are required to first understand your research question before formulating your information structure and their accompanying viable sources. Formulate a thesis statement and proceed with the data collection process, in support of your thesis. Finally, you are required to analyze the collected data and include any informative sources to back up your findings. This final step is perhaps the most significant as you should not all the sources you have used and follow through with placing your order.

After successfully placing your order, all that you are required to do is input is the dissertation sources used in the finalization of your paper and you are presented with instant Harvard formatted in-text citations and references for use in your final draft. They citations and reference formats may look as outlined; the in-text citations as determined by the author-date system should look like this; (Surname/ Last Name of the Author, Year the article was published). On the other hand, the resultant reference entry will be Surname/ Last Name of the Author, Author’s first Initial. (Year the article was published). Title of the dissertation. Academic Level for example BSc/ Masters/ Ph.D. Name of the Institution.

All in all, to enjoy the full package of a professionally written document you can place an order for your work to be written from scratch. The result will be a paper that is written by an established industry professional, and that is accurately cited and referenced by our automated systems. All our services are offered round the clock with no exception or bias; you are even able to request a preferred writer to handle your orders whether based on previous experience or a recommendation.

Visit our webpage and read for yourself the overwhelming positive testimonials from thousands of satisfied customers. Therefore place your order with our company, and we shall deliver.