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The Best Harvard Format Citation Generator for Ebook Sources

One of the most time-consuming things you will have to do while working on your papers is citing and referencing. And yet, there is no way around it! Citing the works you have used in your research is mandatory if you want to avoid problems and show the depth of your research.

In fact, citing has a few applications (no, it wasn’t invented just to make writing papers unbearable for you).

  • Proving that you have done extensive research before writing the paper. The more sources and authors you cite (with established limits), the deeper the impression it will have on your readers. In some cases, the number of sources that you have used makes the difference between the student-level and the actual scholar-level work. Besides, to make a contribution to the body of knowledge, which is often the primary requirement for any paper, you simply need to know what has already been found and published in the field.
  • Pointing the reader into the right direction. By looking through in-text citations, the person reading your paper will know exactly where a certain idea was taken from (which is especially convenient if that’s the idea you want to oppose).
  • Fencing off plagiarism charges. Using someone else’s work without credit is probably the worst you can do when it comes to academic papers. Citing and referencing protect you from plagiarism-related problems.

In short, citing is important. You can’t do without it. What you can do is use a free tool that will make it much, MUCH easier and less time-consuming. Let us introduce you our citation generator – it was designed to make citing your sources a breeze. And the best part is – it is absolutely free.

Using our generator for a Harvard in-text ebook citation

As it is often the case, Harvard style includes two parts – in-text citations and references in the reference list or bibliography (if any). In-text citations provide a clue about the source you are citing from. Whether you use a direct quotation or just reference the idea, the in-text citation will have to include the author’s name and the year of publishing of the source. The information will be inserted in-between parenthesis and will then be placed right after the quotation.

To generate an in-text citation with our free Harvard ebook citation generator, you will have to provide just that – the name of the author who wrote the ebook you are citing and the year it was published (released electronically). Note that in-text citations are generated together with references, so you won’t have to do it separately.

In case you mentioned the author’s name in the text itself (e.g. Einstein believed that…), a Harvard in-text ebook citation will only include the year of publishing of the ebook (right after the author’s name). If there is no obvious author (which is rare but still happens), specify the “corporate author” – the organization or the company that published it.

Doing the references for a Harvard style citation for ebook

Doing the references is the most difficult part of citing your sources since you should not forget about all of the formatting requirements – the sequence of presenting the information, italics, colons, commas, etc. That’s why it’s so much easier to do it with the help of this ebook citation generator – you won’t have to worry about formatting, only about gathering information about your source.

The format we use to do references for ebooks is as follows:

Author / Editor (placing (ed.) after the editor’s name). (Year of publication) Title (italicized). Edition (starting from the 2nd). Place of publication, Publisher. Available from: URL [Accessed – Date of access].

As any electronic source, ebooks require you to provide the URL of the page where you have found the source as well as the date you accessed it (since the situation may change as your paper is being written and submitted).

To generate all of the citations and references you need with the help of our Harvard format citation generator for ebook, you will need to do the following:

  • Choose the style (Harvard) and the source (ebook)
  • Fill out the fields with appropriate information (first and last names of the author, title of the book, the name of the publisher, place of publishing (if any), edition, and the URL of the ebook)
  • Click on “Generate”

And you are good to go! Both the in-text citation and the reference will be created for your source.

Formatting your reference list and bibliography

While in-text citations belong in the text, references are provided at the end of your paper, in a reference list or a bibliography section. The difference between the former and the latter is that you directly quote or address the works you list in the reference list. Bibliography, however, is designed to provide a more general view on your research. Here you should reference the works you consulted but did not quote directly in your paper.

The formatting of the references for the reference list or the bibliography doesn’t differ. In both cases, you need to position your references in the alphabetic order according to the names of their authors (editors).

If you reference two works of the same author, start with the most recent one of them.

That’s pretty much all you need to know to have no problems doing a Harvard style citation for ebook. With the help of our free generator, you will do it fast, easily and without any possible mistakes.

Please note that this generator can also be used for other sources – websites, print books, newspaper articles, etc. – as well as other formatting styles. The algorithm of using it is pretty much the same – you need to provide information about a source and the citation and reference will be generated for you in a matter of seconds. Feel free to use this tool as much as you need to!