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Let Us Help You Cite That Newspaper Article in Harvard Format

Did you know that a newspaper is referred to as a publication that is produced periodically over a duration of time? Some papers are accessible in print or are made available electronically (online). Therefore with all that information delivered regularly, there has to be a system in place to ensure uniformity of its use as an information source.

The Harvard format is such a system that is used by writers to regularly and consistently deliver content that is sourced from newspaper articles. Newspapers contain information that is influenced by both past and current events and often encompass an assortment of fields; such as sports, weather forecast, business, obituaries, and politics.

Newspapers have a reliable source of information, however, may prove difficult when attempting to format your writing correctly by citing it as a source. Therefore appropriate formatting, citing and referencing style such as the Harvard formatting services we offer is a good fit for writing your articles, thesis, and dissertations.

Just what you need To Format Your Articles

The Harvard style of quoting and referencing would make a useful addition to use by article writers when citing informative sources for example from an online or e-newspaper. Once you visit our website and request your article to be formatted in Harvard style, it is divided into different sections. With our Harvard formatting services, your article will have

  • a header,
  • a cover page,
  • defined title,
  • an introduction,
  • the body of your article,
  • a summary and conclusion,
  • the in-text citations and the reference list.

Our services provide you with everything you require to format your work by Harvard formatting standards correctly. With our help, your newspaper articles will be specific, structured and organized with the inclusion of a cover page. On the cover page, we will include the title of the paper in capital letters and about halfway down the page.

Leaving a space below the title, we add your, (the author), the professor’s name, institution name and finally the date, all in sentence case. Afterward, we moved to the introduction. Our writers ensure your presentation is captivating and informative; shedding some light on the theme of the entire essay, also known as a thesis statement. After the opening, we may, at your request, introduce subtopics to fill up the body of the article; all subtopics are indented to the left and italicized.

After the body of your article is complete, our writers will write a conclusion that is accurate, representing mastery and understanding of the information provided in the body. The first sentence in the conclusion will be used to emphasize the theme of the article and recap to the readers of what the essay has proved and/ or theorized. Afterward, it is just a summary of the significant elements in the article and leaves the reader with a final message. After we are done with the conclusion, we move to the references page which is the last part of the paper.

Where to Place Your In-Text Citations and Reference Lists

The in-text citations are useful when you have to paraphrase or directly quote other authors of your newspaper articles. The in-text citations are contained in the body of your work representing a part of the full source. The second part is the reference list which is located at the very end of your paper showing the complete newspaper source information.

With our citation generation services you will have access to the Harvard citation and reference generator that is designed to capture data from an online newspaper article with the intention of allowing your intended readers to find the original newspaper articles themselves; how you ask?

Each reference list includes the source material’s author, date it was published, the tittle, place published, the publishers, the pages viewed and the link to the article. The citation style embodied in Harvard formatting is known as the author-date style of representing in-text citations.

This technique is similar in that respect to APA formatting style and the fact that it does not require the inclusion of page numbers in the in-text citations. The references in the Harvard formatting style follow the format of the authors’ Last name first, then the other initials, year of publication, newspaper title, the city it was published, the pages viewed and finally the link.

The in-text citations and references are represented as outlined; the in-text citation will look something like this (Surname/ Last Name of the Author, Date the article was published). The corresponding reference list entry will be Surname/ Last Name of the Author, Author’s first Initial. (Year the article was published). Title of the article. Title of the Publication, [online] page number(s).Pages Used. Available at: link to the article if online [Accessed: Date you accessed the article]

Why We Are Among the Best When It Comes To Harvard Referencing

Therefore, having learned of the importance of Harvard referencing, and the reasons why you should use it in your academic papers, we are the best choice when it comes to generating accurate citations and references sourced from online newspaper articles. We help you acknowledge the authors whose ideas and findings have influenced your papers. We offer many benefits with our Harvard referencing service; just to mention a few of them, they include;

  • Acknowledge other people’s input into your final paper.
  • Shows your readers the facts from which you have your paper based on.
  • Provides an avenue for verification of facts and the clarification of information.
  • Helps you steer clear of plagiarism.

Maybe you are an acclaimed writer or just starting out; one thing is for sure, you will continuously be prompted by readers from all walks of life to provide presentable, accurate and factual information. The delivery of accurate information is backed by correctly formatting your papers with our online services, not doing so, may result in a complete loss of credibility and attract negative reader reviews. With our citation generator, you do not have to worry about the arrangement of the components of a scholastically acceptable citation and reference format.

That is why with a proper citation and reference generation service you can provide readers with trustworthy information with ease by showing your understanding of the subject matter by citing other information sources related to your theme. What more do you need to post your newspaper articles online, visit our webpage and enjoy the benefits of having your paper formatted to current standards in the Harvard formatting and referencing style of writing? You will be thrilled to find that all our services are affordable and offer high-quality results to all our clients.