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Harvard Format Citation Generator for Website and Other Sources

As you can guess from its name, Harvard writing style was established and proposed by the University of Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. As for the United States, it is considered the top institution with its best Business School. You can also guess that formatting in this style is not that simple as it is in MLA or even APA style.

A Harvard Referencing Manual is twice as thick as the guides on the styles mentioned above. It means that instead of focusing on your essay and its content, students have to read pages of the boring manual to master the art of citing in Harvard style. With this unfairness in our minds, we have developed a quick solution in the shape of a free Harvard website citation generator.

Why is this innovative machine free of charge? Well, we don’t think it is necessary to demand payment for something that simple. Our developers did a hard job, but treat it as our appreciation for all the efforts you make as a student to get the highest possible grade on your essay or research paper.

Usually, Harvard style is used to cite and reference huge academic works such as:

  1. Research papers
  2. Coursework projects
  3. Term papers
  4. Dissertations

When You Should Use Harvard in Text Website Citation

A regular high school or college essay can be easily cited using MLA or APA format. However, successful students never search for the easiest way: they simply do what they have to do. It is necessary to obey all instructor’s requirements if you need the highest possible score on your test or homework assignment.

Due to the fact teachers and professors sometimes assign in-class papers to check the level of your preparation and skills, you need to memorize at least the basics of each style. You will mostly face Harvard style in such academic fields as:

  • Law
  • Business Law
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Economics

Just like any other paper format, Harvard referencing style is used to prevent your readers from thinking that you are cheating by claiming the words of other authors and researchers as your own project. Plagiarism is a very serious offense which can minimize the grade per your paper significantly. Besides, it reflects your reputation negatively. Once you understand the importance of citing every source you use, you will realize the role of this Harvard in text website citation machine in your academic career.

We can offer to generate references for other types of sources as well. You just have to specify what source you are dealing with as each of them requires a unique approach to formatting. It may influence the order of citation or referencing elements. On the whole, you may choose between:

  • Textbook
  • Book
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Journal
  • Report
  • Documentary
  • Film
  • Website
  • Specific article

Our generator deals with both citations and full source’s references. A citation or in-text quote is just part of the entire reference. The full information on the source appears at the end of any essay or research paper. Depending on the chosen referencing style, this page is defined as a Reference Page, Bibliography (in our case), or Works Cited Page.

Easily Generated Harvard Style Citation for a Website

Each time you want to apply the words of their authors to your text, make sure to check the official guidelines, templates, examples, or simply go to our website for immediate help. Our generator easily copes with all types of citations and references:

  • Direct in-text quotations
  • Indirect quotes
  • Paraphrasing
  • Summarizing
  • Full reference

Don’t be afraid to miss anything: once you turn on our application, you will see the form with all necessary elements to insert in order to get a full citation or reference. It’s just as easy as ABC. By filling out the form, you let our innovation know all necessary information on the source. The details we ask for are more than enough for the perfect Harvard style citation for a website.

As it was mentioned before, this Harvard format citation generator for website covers all possible types of sources. As a rule, you only have to add quotations from the primary sources as secondary sources usually involve supporting information from the questionnaires, surveys, and polls so that it may be rather subjective.

Our free tool always works fast and accurately. We haven’t received any complaints regarding the quality of its work, but our developers and designers still work on further improvements. For instance, they add new options like other writing styles to choose from. We have developed a separate generator even for such a rare format as IEEE. You don’t have to worry about the accuracy of your Harvard citations once you use our robot.

How Our Citing Machine Works

Easily formatted citations and references in Harvard style are real to get without any special efforts. Thanks to the professional academic writers and educators that work with our team, we upgrade the software all the time by checking the recent changes to academic writing standards established by Harvard. Basically, the software works this way.

To get a full reference for your source, take one of the steps:

  1. Enter source’s ISBN 10 number (for books and eBooks)
  2. Enter full website address (for online resources)

This innovative approach has made it twice easier to work with Harvard referencing style. Sure thing, you can add more details if you want to make sure the information is 100% accurate. However, these features are usually enough if you know them. Once you type in the required piece of information, your full reference is generated for you in seconds. You may save the list of works cited to your account to use it later. It is especially useful when you work on the huge project like dissertation or coursework.