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The Importance of Citing Sources Using IEEE Format Citation Generator

Many students underestimate the importance of citing primary sources in their essays and research papers. They play with fire while allowing plagiarism in their works. From the other side, it is understandable that students often conduct mistakes while formatting their pieces. There are just too many academic writing genres and styles to consider. Because of that, we have created a comfortable, free IEEE citation generator.

The main idea is to let the target audience know what sources you are using in order to support the main point of the paper known as a thesis. Thesis statement appears in the beginning (in the first paragraph which is essay’s introduction), and delivers the primary idea of the whole text. To get your readers ready for your main argument, try to involve a hook sentence. It will help to grab their attention from the first line. That is when you use an in-text citation for the first time during your writing. A hook sentence is almost always a quotation. It can be of several types:

  • Literary quote
  • Quote of famous people
  • Anecdote or joke
  • Small story
  • Metaphor
  • Simile
  • Poetry or lyrics line
  • Popular saying

Mind that a quotation which serves as a hook at the beginning of your essay can have a different formatting as compared to the rest of in-text citations.

In your body paragraphs, you need to prove the main idea (your thesis statement) in all possible ways, including facts, statistics, and quotations. That is why you may find it necessary to create IEEE citation or quote using another academic writing style. Evidence may involve the words of various scientists, previous researchers, another author, etc.

As a rule, a conclusion of the paper does not require any in-text quotations as the writer just has to restate the thesis and summarize the main points in one short paragraph. However, the rest of the essay has to include some quotes to prove the truth of your claim(s).

IEEE in Text Citation Generator with an Opportunity to Cite in Other Styles

The rest of the paper formats involve:

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Chicago
  • Turabian
  • Harvard
  • Oxford
  • Vancouver

They are given their names after the famous national universities of the English-speaking world. The only exception is IEEE as it was developed by The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers. As you can guess, these formats can be applied only to papers written in English. Other countries have their own academic standards. These writing styles work for all English proficiency tests including SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL.

Just like you have to revise your paper to fix any grammar mistakes and plagiarized parts with the help of special tools, you must scan your essay for the proper format using some online citation machines. Actually, the need to cite quotes is closely connected with the obligation to avoid plagiarism in academic writing. Your paper can’t be 100% unique if it includes direct in-text citations, but teachers and professors usually allow up to 5% of plagiarized text meaning that you include properly cited in-text quotations.

The modern solution in the shape of IEEE format citation generator is a great way out for every student who does not want to spend hours on reading and memorizing a tricky guide from The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Taking into account it was built by the best academic writers in collaboration with qualified designers and web/app developers, you can conclude that the software works perfectly, and you can rely on it no matter how complex your task is.

To make you understand the essence and meaning of IEEE referencing style, we will dig deeper into the history, origins, and goals of this format.

IEEE Referencing Style Origins and Purposes

Just like MLA was offered by The Modern Language Association, and The American Psychological Association established APA, IEEE was also suggested by the corresponding organization. IEEE (The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers) was the first organization to come up with the special academic writing style for students who focus on studying:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Information technologies
  3. Engineering & Construction
  4. Design
  5. Other technical fields

As far as the specialization is very narrow, it is not that easy to find a good guide on IEEE. Besides, you always have to look for the most recently published version as many organizations implement changes to their writing styles. Be sure that our generator is based only on the last editions of writing style guides.

If you don’t belong to the technical field of education, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you’re into computers, be ready that your tutor will ask you to edit the paper according to this specific style, and that is when our quick IEEE citation online service steps in the game.

Before you decide what to cite, try to find primary researches which offer something more than naked facts and data. You need to make people believe you by adding real life examples, sharing personal life experience, and calling to their hearts and minds. It takes more time to write a persuasive speech than argumentative essay as you should search on the internet for scientific and creative approaches. Your learning materials would not satisfy all requirements in full, so there is no way to avoid additional sources.

From the legal point of view, it is impossible to avoid formatting the paper in the recommended writing style as each quote has to be properly cited. Plagiarism is punished both by the low grade and law on the intellectual property. You may want to use different materials reserved by other authors. You have permission to do that only if you reference them properly. Teachers do not accept plagiarized papers. So, once you’re done with our generator, scan your paper for plagiarism by using the corresponding software.

IEEE Citation Examples and Bibliography Sample

We are pretty sure that every student will agree that an automatic IEEE citation is much simpler and faster than doing everything manually. Instead of typing in every parenthetical and choosing necessary Word options, you can simply count on the software which will do the whole thing. However, as a student of IT class, you’d better remember how to apply Word when it comes to using IEEE referencing style.

First of all, IEEE is based on the well-known principles of Chicago paper format. Turabian is also pretty much the same. Still, it has some differences which are not that easy to memorize from the first time. That is why it is critical to look through the IEEE writing style guide. What these two styles have in common, are:

  1. Numbered citations (no more parenthetical citation)
  2. Bibliography as a Reference page at the end
  3. Each reference looks like footnote

The main difference is that when citing in IEEE, students have to include quotation numbers in square brackets instead of developing superscripts like they do in Chicago. So, if you want to add quotations directly in the text of your paper, it is better to start using this IEEE in text citation generator today.

You may look at the available IEEE citation examples to get the point.

In-text citation example:

Customers’ environmental background can be the primary obstacle on the way to using efficient control practices [1].

The way it will appear on the References page:

[1] O. Felemban, Infection prevention, and control in home nursing: a case study of four organizations in Australia. British Journal of Community Nursing, Vol. 20, No 9, 2015.

[2] T. Eckes, The Developmental Social Psychology of Gender. Mahwah NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 2000. [Online] Available: netLibrary e-book.

In fact, many databases, catalogs, and popular web pages offer similar software. However, many of the developers forget to update the machine each time the respective organization is making some changes to the formatting rules.

A Guide on How to Cite IEEE Format Is Here!

IEEE changes its established writing style less often than Modern Language Association or American Psychological Association, but you should still be aware of any upgrades. If you select our citation builder, we promise that every quotation will be generated according to the latest updates.

Our “Quick Cite” tool is useful whenever you have to complete a research paper in one of the technical fields. Your teacher may ask you to apply Chicago style, but advanced IT tutors prefer IEEE, so there is no way to avoid learning more about this referencing style.

A numbering system is, in fact, simple. It makes the readers find any source quickly by just clicking on the number. Our IEEE citation maker exists to offer fast solutions to creating in-text citations and generating the source information in the proper manner. Once you input the details you know about the source in the required field of our machine, the completed citation will pop up.

If it seems complicated to you, or you simply wish to insert citations in a more accurate way, enjoy our free online citation tool. We can help you with any academic writing style!