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MLA Format Citation Generator for Ebook – a Useful Tool for Students

Electronic sources are widely used in the modern academic, scholarly and scientific writing. Online books are easy to find, fast to access and convenient to use as sources. There is no need to go to the library when you have dozens of online databases that allow you download books or read them online.

Electronic research materials may come in handy, no matter what topic you have chosen. Thus, sometimes citing them might be tricky. The problem is that, in most cases, electronic books are different from paperbacks: they lack consistent layouts, page numbers, and other details you are used to. Therefore, we offer you to try our free MLA ebook citation generator to avoid formatting mistakes and get everything done fast and simple! With its help, you can create citations and references of all kinds – APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Oxford, Harvard, etc. Also, you can use our tool for different types of sources (print and electronic), including books, journal articles, newspaper articles, the websites, encyclopedias and more. Save your time and rely on our tool!

How to create an MLA in-text ebook citation?

When you refer to an outside source in the text of your work, make sure to mention the original author. Whether you use a direct quotation or a paraphrased one, you must give credit to the author every time you use ideas that don’t belong to you. If you forget or somehow fail to give credit, you will violate academic writing rules and plagiarize. Plagiarism is not only unfair but also a real crime of the academic world.

So, what is an MLA in-text ebook citation? When you refer to the other author in the text of your paper, you have to include a parenthetical reference and a signal phrase. The parenthetical reference consists of the author’s last name and the number of the page on which you found the quotation. Sometimes, electronic books don’t provide page numbers, or other situations arise, so the information in parentheses may vary. Signal phrases like “reports,” “claims,” “thinks,” “writes,” “believes” transit your readers smoothly into a quotation and keeps the logical flow of your thoughts.


  • Johnson claims that electronic sources allow us to find more information in less time (13).
  • Online academic databases and personal electronic devices change the educational world (Johnson 13).

Electronic books are cited just like the paperbacks. However, there are some specific elements to consider:

  • If there are page numbers in a book, cite it the way you would cite a print book.
  • If the pagination is absent, leave this part of a citation blank.
  • If a book has fixed pagination or another type of numbering (paragraphs, lines, chapters numbering), cite these numbers. In such case, you have to include author’s last name and the number of the section where the quotation is located. An MLA style recommends using abbreviations like “ch.,” “par.” or full words like “line,” etc.

With the help of our MLA format citation generator for ebook, you will easily create your in-text citations without wasting your time. It’s simple – just include the information about the quotation in the specific fields, and the tool will do everything for you automatically. Just two seconds and your citation is done! Copy and paste it in your work and enjoy perfect formatting!

Dealing with a “Works Cited” page in an MLA referencing style for ebook

When reading a source with the help of your electronic devices like Nook, Kindle or iPad and using an MLA referencing style for ebook, make sure to format your references the way you usually do with print sources. Just begin the reference with the author’s name and end it with an indication of the type of the electronic file: Epub file, Nook file, Kindle file or PDF file. If there is no particular file type available, write Digital file.


  • Rolf. David. Working America Fights for Freedom: Social and Historical Events of USA.  Farrar and Eleanor Publisher, 2000. Kindle file.

Make sure to include all details of the reference you are using when creating an automatic citation or reference page entry. Though electronic books are cited in a similar way, when you cite print ones, keep in mind that there are some important differences. Be attentive to such details as file type, database, page or section number, etc.

Correct in-text citations and references are very important. Every student, scientist, scholar or editor should take care of formatting for some reasons. First, it will make your text look more professional and well thought out. Due to the formatting, your readers will easily indicate specific elements of your text, identify quotations and sources used. Second, correct formatting saves you from plagiarism. As we have already mentioned, if you don’t give credits to the original authors, you automatically claim that these thoughts and ideas belong to you. Besides the fact that plagiarism is considered to be an academic dishonesty, it can cause real problems to the writers. If you are a student who was caught plagiarizing, you have all chances to be excluded from your college. Needless to say that it is a burning shame.

So, if you are tired of making citations and references for your academic papers, articles or other projects by hand – do not hesitate and visit our resource! You can rely on our citation tool, no matter what kind of citation you need to be done. This tool is free, easy to use and has a wide range of functions. You won’t need too much time to create a perfect citation – just provide brief information about the source (author’s name, the title of the book, publisher, pages used, type of the file, etc.), click on the button and wait for a while. Then just copy a ready-made reference into your paper and enjoy your good-looking references!