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MLA Format Citation Generator for Newspaper Article – Create Your References with No Problems!

Students and scholars use different sources to create a research. Some of them rely on books, the others use journal articles. The source type you use for your research significantly depends on the discipline you work with. Some disciplines, topics, and paper types don’t use periodicals, and some of them do. For example, if you are writing a paper about a movie and need to quote director’s words to support your interpretations, you might find an interview in a newspaper.

When relying on periodicals, one has to be attentive. Make sure to use only reliable and well-known newspapers, like The New York Times, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Time, The Boston Globe, etc. Avoid small and unknown resources since they are not considered as suitable sources for academic work.

So the first challenge a student may face is a necessity to find relevant information in a reliable source. The second one is to use appropriate referencing style correctly to mark citations and list references. As you know, formatting your paper correctly is very important. When you use materials that belong to other authors, you must inform your audience about that and give credit to the source. Unless you will be stealing intellectual property and this is a real academic crime. No, really. Plagiarism may have serious consequences, so be careful. In the best case, your professor will ask you to write another paper without plagiarizing. In the worst case, you may be excluded from college or university.

To avoid both difficulties with formatting and problems with plagiarism, use our free MLA newspaper citation generator! Every student will find this tool extremely useful since it helps you create in-text citations and references in a couple of clicks! Just choose the style, source, and include information about the source (such as author’s last name, the title of the source, pages, etc.) and get it done automatically! It means that you don’t have to waste your time studying formatting rules and marking every citation by hand. Enjoy our tool and get yourself more free time!

How to create an MLA in text newspaper citation?

To put it simple, an in-text citation is a brief paraphrase or a direct quote. Both types of quotes should be marked by a parenthetical citation, which includes information about the source. As you have already understood from their name, in text citations are located in the body of your paper.

The information about the source should be placed in brackets and include two ingredients:

  • Author’s last name (because this is the first word found in a reference on the Works Cited page);
  • Page number.

Information about the source should appear after a direct quotation or paraphrase or in within a sentence (in a place where you can make a natural pause). Make sure to locate citations in a way that exclude any distractions of your readers.

General format:

  • (Author’s Last Name number of page)


  • Potatoes prevented starvation in the rural area of USA (Witter p. 12).

When you locate author’s last name in the sentence, you don’t need to place it in brackets at the end of the quote. Instead, you have to include only the page number in parentheses.


  • Witter claims that potatoes saved USA fro starvation (12).

To create an MLA in text newspaper citation, make sure to visit our website and use free and convenient formatting tool! It’s fast and simple – just include the required source info in the fields and wait for a while. In a second, your citation will be done! Just copy and paste it in your work.

MLA referencing style for a newspaper – Creating a Works Cited page

When you create a reference list, make sure to create a new page in your document and name it “Works Cited.” Your references should be listed in the alphabetical order.

Every reference in your list should include the following information: author’s last name, article’s name, newspaper title, date of publication, number of pages, and medium. You don’t have to include issue and volume numbers in MLA referencing style for a newspaper.

General format:

  • Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. “Title of the Article.” Newspaper Title Publication Date: Number of page. Medium.


  • Browns, Arthur. “Things you want to know about medical marijuana.”London Newspaper 3 Aug. 2000: 3-4. Print.

If the newspaper article has two authors, include them in the same order as they appear in the source. If you are citing an article written by three authors, separate first two names by comma and place word “and” before the last name. If your article has more than three authors, include only the first author’s name and abbreviation “et al.”

  • Smith, Jane, William Anderson, James Jones. “Misconceptions about the modern mass media.” The Guardian 3 Nov. 2008: 6-7. Print.
  • Smith, Jane, et al. “Misconceptions about the modern mass media.” The Guardian 3 Nov. 2008: 6-7. Print.

Make sure to write the date of publication in international format: day, month and year. Remember that all months except July, June, and May should be abbreviated.

If you use the online article, make sure to include the URL if your professor asks you to do so. Previous editions of MLA style required the web address of the page to be included, but it is not the case anymore. The reason is that web pages can become outdated, deleted, or the URL might be too long. Your readers can find the article using the author’s name and the title. If you include the web address, make sure to place it after the date of access.

  • Smith, Alfred. “Economical reasons of the World War II.” The Guardian 7 Sept. 2007: 3-4. [URL]

Our MLA format citation generator for newspaper article is always here to help you and solve your formatting issues! You are welcome to use it for free any time you need perfect references for your papers!