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Is a college essay writing service one of your options when pressing deadlines come knocking at your door and you don’t know what to do? You no longer need to rush through a paper when you know your efforts will be counterproductive. Join other students using essay writers for college to cover their backs during life’s disruptive moments.
What we guarantee
100% originality
We write papers from scratch and use only reliable scholarly sources, so no plagiarism issue is possible.
Compliance with instructions
Our essay writers will follow your specifications to the letter to make sure you get exactly what you want.
Timely delivery
Since 2009, we've delivered 70% of orders before the deadline, so rest assured you'll receive your paper on time.
Free revisions
If you want your paper amended, you can request free unlimited revisions within 14-30 days.
24/7 support
Our friendly customer support team is in touch 24/7. Call our toll-free lines or start a live chat anytime.
Money-back guarantee
We'll fix your paper to perfection or refund the payment if something dissatisfies you about the result.
Writer Screening
We hand-pick the best candidates among those seeking to get a position of an academic writer on our team. Fulfilling all writing assignments from scratch is must-do for every expert, new and already-established alike. Meeting deadlines and staying open to communicating with a customer is another pillar of our writing policy.
pass a screening
of candicates get hired
of candidates ace
the grammar test
get to the next round
Latest reviews
We can make all kinds of promises about the paper writing service we deliver, but nothing matters as much as what our clients say about us.
Order now 100% satisfaction or your money back!
Your privacy is our priority
Anonymous communication
At, you can discuss your order with the assigned essay writer on an anonymous basis.
Safe payment options
We partner with reliable payment providers and accept all major debit and credit cards, including Visa.
Absolute confidentiality
Your private data is kept secret and won't be shared with anyone, including the assigned essay helper.
Only top-quality essay writing services
Focused on quality, our team goes above and beyond to make sure that all the completed papers are nothing short of perfect.
Originality check
We use plagiarism detection software similar to Turnitin (e.g., Copyleaks, Copyscape) )to ensure that the originality level is within acceptable limits. Upon your request, we can provide a detailed report.
Harsh quality control
Once written, every paper is double-checked for accuracy, formatting, grammar, punctuation, and a whole lot of other issues by the dedicated Quality Assurance Team.
You have academic goals.
We can help you reach them hassle-free.
You have academic goals.
We can help you reach them hassle-free.

Salient Features of Our College Essay Writing Service

Many outstanding features distinguish our college essay help from the park of competitors. Below are the leading elements making our services magnetic to college students across the United States and worldwide. Check them out to inform your decision-making.

Guaranteed Privacy and Safety

We know your privacy and safety are critical when using our college essay writing service. Therefore, we have taken decisive actions to protect you in many ways. First, our non-disclosure agreement ensures we keep every transition with students secret. We protect your personal details during our transactions and don’t disclose them to any third parties.

Second, we use SSL encoding that protects your sensitive data while transacting on our website. You can rest assured that hackers in the system won’t snoop on and steal your banking details. Third, we use secure payment gateways such as PayPal and bank cards.

Highly Affordable

What good does it do a student if you offer them quality services they can’t afford? At Grademiners, we balance everything to ensure that our services don’t just meet your needs but also fit your pocket. Our student-friendly services save you money and have many other ways of saving cash in the long term. For example, you can enjoy bulk discounts and other loyalty rewards and promotional codes for our repeat customers. This way, you always enjoy affordable quality.

Timely Deliveries

We believe that justice delayed equals justice denied. Your time is important, and our team knows that too well. Therefore, our policy enshrines timely delivery without compromising on essay quality. You may always rest assured of getting your orders on or before your specified deadline. This approach ensures that your deadlines don’t become deadlocks that could interrupt your studies.

100% Original

Our quality standards prioritize originality, and all essay writers for college employed here know how much damage plagiarized work can cause you. Therefore, passing every essay through reputable plagiarism checkers is standard practice. We give you much-needed peace of mind, knowing that your deliverables won’t create more problems for you than they should solve.

Qualified Professional College Essay Writers

Your essay’s quality is as good or bad as its writer’s. Thus, we pay special attention to the people we entrust with your papers. Our college essay writers don’t just write papers to help you pass exams; instead, they also write a vital chapter in your destiny to let you “pass” in life. Below are some non-negotiable qualifications we look for when hiring professional writers.

Proven Academic Qualifications

All our applicants must prove their academic qualifications. They should be able to produce a minimum of a university degree from a recognized institution before we admit them into our team. Those seeking to do undergraduate work must comply with the first-degree standard of writing. Prospective professional college essay writers intending to help post-graduate students must also provide papers at their respective levels—doctorate and master’s. This way, we guarantee they understand their respective niches to draft A+ essays.

Experienced and Gifted Scribes

Additionally, we go beyond mere papers because having degrees alone doesn’t guarantee excellent writing. Flawless composition is a gift, and a graduate must demonstrate it before admission. Therefore, we require all interested writers to produce samples in their respective disciplines to prove their worth. We only admit professional college essay writers after vetting their writing samples and confirming they have enough experience to assist learners.

Language Masters

Besides experience and paper qualifications, we only admit native English speakers or professional college essay writers with undeniable language proficiency. This qualification ensures they present their ideas grammatically correctly. Remember, excellent grammar is one of the elements we consider in our overall quality assurance processes.

Professional Communicators

Finally, it’s worth noting that we offer professional college essay writing services. Therefore, we require all our professional college essay writers to demonstrate professionalism. They should be able to work with students as customers. Every writer must handle customers under different circumstances courteously without losing their cool.

When Can I Use Your College Writing Services?    

So, when is it time to tell our writers, “I need you to write my college essay?” What circumstances force students across the US to use our college essay writing service in USA? Our many years working with college students have revealed the following reasons for using our services.

You Need to Balance Competing Priorities

21st-century life is in the fast lane for most people. Millions are juggling many things to make ends meet. Parents are taking classes to polish their skills and fit in the competitive job market that is narrowing daily. Also, business executives are furthering their studies to remain relevant in their respective industries.

All the above issues leave students in these circumstances with a very delicate balance because all these priorities scream for their attention. And when that happens, some adult students usually sacrifice their essay assignments to attend to pressing job or family priorities. Therefore, this need is a valid basis for seeking college writing services.

You Can’t Beat a Deadline

Essay deadlines shouldn’t become deadlocks. Sadly, they can become dead-ends if you don’t get timely and reliable college essay writing services to address the time crunch for you. You are free to use our essay help services when you have a deadline that won’t allow you to focus and produce an excellent paper.

You Have a Difficult Topic

What about having an essay task on a boring or difficult topic you don’t understand well? Well, you don’t need to risk failing when that occurs because you can engage our custom college essay writing service. Our writers have handled topics of topics over the years. So, always talk to us whenever such an obstacle arises.

Your Writing Skills Are Low

Lastly, it would be best if you never let poor writing skills sentence you to poorly written essays. We understand that everyone wasn’t designed to be a writing genius. Therefore, feel free to use our college essay writing services when you aren’t sure of your writing skills.

A Highly Diversified Custom College Essay Writing Service

Our custom college essay writing service can handle all forms of academic needs. We are a one-stop shop for the following assignments.

  • Essays
  • Case studies
  • Various reports
  • Research papers
  • Presentations or speeches
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Article reviews
  • Literature reviews
  • Business plans
  • Research proposals
  • Book/movie reviews
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Reflective writing
  • Thesis/dissertation writing
  • Admission essays
  • Creative writing
  • Critical thinking/reviews
  • Term papers

Why Are We the Preferred College Essay Writing Service in USA?

Thousands of students prefer our college essay writing service in USA. Below are the top reasons for patronizing our college writing services.

  • Our custom college essay writing service saves you low grades, time, and money because you don’t need to repeat classes due to poor grades.
  • Using our college essay writing services lets you enjoy more time with friends and family.
  • Our college essay writing services allow you to learn from the best essay writers for college

How Do I Access Your College Essay Writing Service?

Accessing and enjoying our college essay help is as easy as counting 1,2,3! We made everything breezy for you to enable you to enjoy reliable services in four simple steps, as explained below.

Give your assignment’s full details

Start your journey by filling out our online forms with all the necessary details. Provide us with your full name, academic level, task deadline, assignment scope, and any special instructions your chosen college essay writer may need.

Pay for your essay

Next, use any safe payment gateway on our platforms to pay for your work upfront. This payment lets your preferred college essay writer start working on your essay.

Monitor and review your project

All our essay writers for college communicate with students via our online platform. You can use it to get updates on your essay’s progress. You will receive your first finished copy for your approval or change request.

Download and submit your essay

You will submit your essay upon approving it. Remember to rate your writer and give us a positive review on our platform.

Get Help Today    

So far, you know everything you need to enjoy quality, affordable, and timely college writing services. You can see how easy and affordable getting help from our platform is. What are you waiting for? The ball is in your court to make a smart move and start using the best college essay writing service today.


Can I pay someone to write my college essay?

Yes, you can. Our custom college essay writing service lets you pay for timely and affordable writing services. Regardless of your reasons, our doors are open to offering much-needed help just in time. Do you want to enjoy more time with your family or friends? We help you do that.

How much does this college essay service cost?

The actual cost of our write my college essays service varies, depending on different factors. For instance, your assignment’s urgency means paying more or less, with more urgent essays costing more and vice versa.

Is GradeMiners essay writing services legal?

Yes, our college writing service is legal because we are a legally registered business with an accessible physical address.

Can you beat my college essay deadline?

Yes. We beat all deadlines hands-down without compromising on overall work quality. You can get an average college assignment within four hours. We understand your time’s value and do everything to ensure you get deserved help when you need it the most.

Do you have discounts?

You can enjoy discounts when you tell us, “Please help me write my college essay to avoid lagging behind my classmates.” Besides bulk and seasonal promotional offers to save money, we offer a 15% “welcome” discount for new customers.

Do your college essay services guarantee 100% originality?

Complete originality is one of the pillars of our college essay writing services. We pass all essays through the best and most reliable plagiarism checkers to guarantee you original work.

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