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Abstract (Summary)
Based on the information provided by the customer, one of our skillful writers creates a cause-consequential summary of the research undertaken and its findings.
Personal statement
Introduction Chapter
In this section, our expert defines the topic or issue to be investigated and defines the methodology of research and its findings.
Methodology part
Literature Review
Here, we make sure all the current peer-reviewed research materials on the theme are included in the dissertation. This is the summary of the literature used to complete a project.
This section appears as a well-structured description of the research method employed by the contributor to gather evidence or perform experiments.
Discussion or Findings
Our expert summarizes the collected information, evidence and provides the contributor's interpretation (analysis) of the data.
Here, our specialist discusses the research and findings of the paper, presents estimations and offers plans for further research.
One of our Ph.D. writers creates a hypothesis presenting information in a captivating manner. They also explain several essential aspects to strengthen the research.
Results or Sources and methods
Conclusion Chapter
We not only ensure that this chapter is well-organized and error-free but also make certain the objectives have been achieved or explain why they were not attained. Here, our experts focus on bullet points and avoid repetitions.
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You have academic goals.
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Writing Dissertation Abstracts 101

The dissertation author’s abstract is an obligatory component of the candidate’s work. If you ask what is a dissertation abstract, the definition will be as follows. This type of scientific literature, which is a specific kind of document. The document fixes the main content of the thesis, performing the function of informing about the result of the research and introducing them into the sphere of scientific communication.

What Are Dissertation Abstracts?

The dissertation abstract is a document, the content of which summarizes the main provisions of a master’s, candidate or a doctoral dissertation.

Such work has a small volume (1-2 sheets) and is intended for the academic community to get acquainted with the scientific qualification work of the author of the dissertation. By the existing rules and regulations, the document is sent to academic institutions so that all interested persons can assess the novelty of the study. The main task of the author when writing the paper is to cover the following points:

  • The novelty and relevance of the research question or scientific problem.
  • Direct connection of the topic with existing programs, themes, plans.
  • The purpose, task, and methods of scientific research.
  • The practical significance of the results.
  • Contribution of the applicant.
  • Results of approbations.
  • List of studied literature.

Most often in universities, students receive methodical literature on how to write a dissertation abstract. Unfortunately, these recommendations are not always described in an understandable way. But especially for students who have difficulty writing a document for dissertations, we have prepared a few proven tips on how to better and faster to deal with the text.

15 PRO Abstract Writing Tips (Fourth Tip is the Real-Deal)

This paper contributes to conveying information to representatives of the scientific community, which explains the need for writing it. Before writing the paper, you should familiarize yourself with professional recommendations that will help the novice in his work.

  1. Find an example. To write good work, you need to know what it should be. So try to find a finished abstract, so that you have an example.
  2. Work through the structure. Take into account the fact that the author reads the majority of the reviewers. Therefore, take care of the quality and clarity of the text.
  3. Concretize. Professionals advise making an abstract, based on a particular specialty.
  4. Proofreading. No matter how trite it may seem, the proofing job is perfect. Every time you reread your work, you improve it and memorize the material.
  5. Make an introduction. At this point, it is necessary to show the object, subject, purpose, and objectives of the study.
  6. Develop the main part. In this part of the work is required to consider the essence of the study, listing the approaches, methods, and methodologies used.
  7. Conclusion. The final part of the work, where you need to list the sources and summarize the work.
  8. Stick to the scientific style.
  9. Take into account the required volume for your work. Therefore, briefly and dispel your thoughts.
  10. Look for an abstract in dissertation example on the Internet or ask those who have already passed the paper.
  11. Specificity. The paper should be created in the framework of the circulation, which is set by the dissertation council.
  12. Remember that the document is the face of the author who conducted the dissertation research.
  13. Follow the specified form and content.
  14. If there are theories and assumptions in the dissertation, then references to them must be submitted to the text, adjusted for their hypothesis.
  15. Check out the most common mistakes and take note of them.

As for the last point, we have just prepared several typical, but extremely undesirable errors when writing a dissertation abstract.

Most Common Abstract Mistakes Every Student Does (But Shouldn’t!)

So, to stop wondering how to write a dissertation abstract. The students make such most common errors:

  • Absence or incorrectly structured bibliographic list. The list of references on the thesis should begin with monographs and end with publications in highly specialized scientific journals.
  • Contradictions between the passport of activity and the overview.
  • Inconsistencies in the content of the thesis and the abstract.
  • Registration of work without taking into account the requirements of the attestation composition to the structure and criteria for the presentation of the material.

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