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35 Good Dissertation Topics + Writing Tips

Choosing your topic for a thesis is an incredibly important issue as you will need to show the level of your expertise in a particular subject. Therefore, to select a topic, it is desirable to choose precisely the question which you understand and can provide with maximum information. Among the most relevant MBA dissertation topics examples are the following:

  1. The development of the banking sector and its impact on economic growth.
  2. The influence of American culture on management styles.
  3. Why is the USA the most innovative country?
  4. Environmental problems caused by a technological breakthrough in the USA.
  5. The American style of negotiating in the international business arena.
  6. Features of bond stock storage in the US market.
  7. Fundamental elements of modern marketing.
  8. Comparative analysis of the growth of e-commerce companies.
  9. Opportunities for influence and risk management in the banking sector.
  10. Secrets of US entrepreneurship.
  11. Formation of a portrait of the father in single-parent families.
  12. The role of psychologists in post-war rehabilitation.
  13. Review of literature sources on patient care with anxiety disorders.
  14. The purpose and influence of modern diets on the psychological state and self-esteem.
  15. The negative impact of social networks on the formation of the child.
  16. Threats from excessive mobile phone use.
  17. The detrimental role of modern fashion style for women.
  18. Gender inequality and ways to combat this issue.
  19. The presence of psychologists in the enterprise.
  20. Features of religious education in the Middle East.
  21. Fundamental changes in the educational sphere after the Second World War.
  22. Marginal groups of people in different areas of life.
  23. The role of immigrants in the culture of the United States.
  24. Social inequality between residents of the United States and ways to overcome it.
  25. Subcultural marriages in the United States and their impact on the economic situation.
  26. US globalization policy.
  27. Why democracy is not equal for all people.
  28. The role of charisma in achieving career success.
  29. The purpose of the media in highlighting the harmful effects of US domestic policy.
  30. The work of American police associated with high stress.
  31. US Heart Disease Count and Disease Growth Statistics.
  32. Fighting of US financial services with offshore accounts.
  33. How can society filter out false information?
  34. The role of television and the Internet in modern society.
  35. Can new social networks exist without ads?

The thesis is the final work of your curriculum in obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree. On the other hand, it is one of the most voluminous and most important projects that you have had to perform during the years of study. So before you start writing, read the following guidelines that will help with dissertation topic selection:

  • Schedule each chapter.
  • As soon as the schedule is drawn up, immediately start writing and do not wait for any special moment.
  • Do not despair if you are stuck on some passages or chapter. Relax and try to start with fresh thoughts.
  • If you have problems with the introductory part, try to start writing the episode right away and only then come back to it.

What Makes a Good Dissertation Topic?

There is a particular set of factors that can make your thesis not unique but also qualitative. And so to choose a dissertation topic, you need to know the following:

  • The theme of the thesis should sound clear to everyone in the audience.
  • The subject of the thesis should be written on the top issues of modern society.
  • Try using questions and arguments on your dissertation topic.
  • If possible, use special terminology in your text.
  • Do not make the dissertation title too long.

15 Dissertation Writing DO’S

Try to look through all these tips and use them in your paper:

  1. Use only current information.
  2. Use reasoned data and avoid unnecessary details.
  3. Create a clear structure for your work.
  4. Always provide a reason for all your assumptions.
  5. The structure of your work must follow the logic.
  6. When you write conclusions about the task make sure that they obey the logic of the main text.
  7. Disclose no more than one key concept in each paragraph.
  8. Be sure to use transitional phrases between sections of your work.
  9. Use a minimum of the complex terminology and make the language of your work as simple as possible.
  10. Avoid writing long sentences as this can confuse the reader.
  11. All your arguments need to be factual.
  12. Be sure to provide examples for each of your arguments.
  13. Use only modern literature in your MBA dissertation topics.
  14. Give as many quotes and examples as possible.
  15. Follow the schedule for each chapter.

15 Dissertation Writing DON’TS

Keep these DON’TS in mind while writing your MBA dissertation topics:

  1. Do not deviate from the subject of your work.
  2. Do not answer the question vaguely.
  3. Do not proceed to the writing until you have a clear thesis or argument.
  4. Do not use dubious sources of information.
  5. Do not write a chapter without prior evaluation and analysis of all indicators.
  6. You should not use well-known quotes without explaining their relevance in a particular place.
  7. No need to make grandiose conclusions that are not supported by arguments.
  8. It is not necessary to write in the findings the information that is not contained in the main text.
  9. No need to write confusing and unionless sentences that can confuse.
  10. Do not use words that are too long to read.
  11. Do not use only one source of information there should be a lot.
  12. Do not use information taken from the Internet and which has no supporting sources.
  13. Do not get to work until you write a reasoned and logical structure.
  14. Do not use words in the meaning of which you are not sure.
  15. Do not try to rephrase famous sayings.

FREE Examples of Dissertation Topics

You can find all examples of the best-quality theses directly on our website and also get help with dissertation topic selection. Besides, you can contact our support about the cost of your work and the timing of its implementation.

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