AI and labor market

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Modern information technologies and the initiation of machines powered by an Artificial intelligence has already started to transform the labor market in the modern age. Computers, software, and algorithms have become part of the everyday tasks and it is impossible for most people to think how most life can be managed without these technologies. Similarly, it is impossible to imagine how some industrial process steps can be managed without this technology. The fear of automation in the form of artificial intelligence is going to destroy jobs is widespread. Some people see some of the jobs at risk of robotics while other argue that automation processes will only handle small range tasks in the coming years. However, the future is unpredictable, and we have no clue what is going to happen next. Nevertheless, there is a need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of AI on the labor market and the way they influence the future.

AI is able to enhance productivity in the workplace. The increase of productivity can be demonstrated in different ways. First, AI ends paperwork. Employees are trained on how to send emails, messages, texts, and files through computers. This elimination of physical papers in the workplace implies that the business saves time spend by employees to research and gather information. According to Petropoulos (2017), the introduction of software proficient in analyzing large volumes of documents reduces the cost of searching documents manually. This improves the efficiency of service delivery and completion of tasks effectively since the little time is spent looking for these files in the workplace.

Secondly, AI helps in making meetings more efficient and productive. AI can be used to collect and store the records of the meetings, which provides an opportunity for future reference especially for the individuals who missed the meeting. This implies that meetings can be productive in the sense that employees have the opportunity to present their information in an efficient way using AI in the form of software and machines such as PowerPoint presentations. Furthermore, different software and applications have been designed to help employees present their ideas in a better way. Examples of such software and applications include the use of PowerPoint, Prezi, Google slides among others. These applications can be used in the workplace to present individual ideas in an efficient manner and enhance the ability of others to understand the concepts and messages included in the presentation. For instance, through PowerPoint presentations, one can include images, videos, or sound to enhance the quality of their presentation. In brief, AI is changing our lives and making them better through advanced technology and enhanced productivity in the workplace.

On the other hand, while artificial intelligence is effective in making lives better and enhancing productivity in the workplace, the machines the use of machines is expensive in terms of repair and maintenance. Machines require regular updates in order to fit into the requirements of work and to operate efficiently. In the event of a breakdown, the repair and maintenance team will have to spend time working on the machine, and this implies a loss in time and resources. Artificial intelligence is developed to store huge amount of data, files, and texts, but is not as effective as a human brain. In some cases, the storage of some data may require the judgment of human when the machines do not recognize some human elements. On the other hand, machines cannot get better experiences after practices as compared to human brain. In addition to this, artificial intelligence has led to job losses especially low skills jobs especially the assembly line job and with time this trend might extend to other jobs (Ruocco, 2017).

The other drawback of artificial intelligence is that in the machines go in the wrong hand they may cause a destruction since they do not make judgment calls before acting. Most importantly, there is the fear that robots might supersede humans. Ideally, humans should be the masters of robots and machines, however in the event, things go wrong, the world might turn into chaos. This is because, there is the possibility that machines may prove to be smarter than humans are, and may take the opportunity of ruling humans (Oak, 2016).

In conclusion, it is evident that artificial indigence has massive potential advantages in the labor market by improving productivity, allowing fast collection and storage of data; enhance communication and presentation of information. Despite these advantages, artificial intelligence can cause destruction when used in the wrong hands, secondly, machines are costly to repair and lack the human touch and judgment when it comes to performing some tasks. While such aspects are important and effective in the modern work environment, the it is crucial for humans is to use their own verdict to apply it creatively and ensure that the growth and use of AI in the work environment does not get out of control. Most importantly there is the need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence before using it for human expediency.

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