Should Texting while Driving be illegal?

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Since the inception of mobile phones, communication through text messages has become the simplest method of passing information from one person to another. Texting is easier, allows the sender deliver their intended message immediately, and are in a position to receive immediate feedback (Harrison 1519). The simplicity of texting makes it possible for one to talk with others while performing other activities like walking, cooking and driving.  A conversation with someone through text messaging might be so engaging that it captures all the attention of an individual. This makes people forget to concentrate on the activity they were doing which might cause incidents or accidents to them or those around (Nemme and Katherine 1256). Texting while driving should be illegal since it diverts drivers’ attention from the road, causes accidents, puts other road users at risk.

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Texting while driving diverts the driver’s attention from the road, increasing the probability of causing incidents or accidents on the road. It is hard for most people to concentrate on driving on a busy road while being on their phones. White (20), states that the human mind can perform more than one task at a time, which makes it possible for individuals to tackle different chores and save resources. For instance, when one is stuck in traffic, they might find that they have ample time for engaging in text-messages conversations with one or more people. This keeps them entertained and may divert their mind from the reality of events. It means that when traffic starts moving, they might not be ready as they were engrossed in the text messaging application on their phone (Harrison 1520). As a result, may cause unnecessary traffic holdups that were preventable if their concentration was on the road. In worst cases, one might have their attention on the road and start moving with the traffic. However, while driving and texting at the same time, they might cause accidents (White 2). In addition, passengers feel unsafe when driven by a driver who uses their phone while driving them. Some may not air their concerns and may ignore it, but those who report to relevant authorities have a chance of saving future lives.

Texting while driving causes road accidents. Records from the traffic police in Canada reveal that drivers who use their phones are the main reasons why accidents take place in roads. They are unable to concentrate on the roads and make poor decisions which causes accidents. Canadian laws prohibit driving while holding wireless devices and if one is found by traffic police, they must pay some form of penalties due to the danger they put their lives and those on the road. Applying fines on some drivers help communicate to the rest that the law is strict and applicable to all persons (Harrison 1518). It is also essential for law enforcers to increase fines imposed on drivers so that an individual feels the pain in paying the amount, which motivates them to obey traffic laws in the future.

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Texting distracts a driver and is among the leading causes of road crashes that take place in Canada (Nemme and Katherine 1259). It attracts the attention of law enforcers to step in and persuade drivers from using their phones while on transit. A driver that does not cause an accident might harm a pedestrian or other road users, meaning that one motorist using a phone is a potential danger to more than ten lives around him on the road (White 20). Exercising patience on the road is important for all drivers so that they can arrive at their destinations safely. A driver that must text can request their passenger to write the message on their behalf.

In conclusion, texting while driving puts other road users at risk who are other drivers, passengers carried in the vehicle, and pedestrians on the road. Therefore, it should be illegal to prevent road misfortunes caused by people whose concentration is on a mobile phone. Drivers should park on the side of the road if they need to text an urgent message and resume driving. They can also exercise patience and wait until they arise at their destinations so that they can text comfortably. It is the responsibility of every driver to ensure they uphold the laws in Canada about driving and texting to avoid hefty fines on them.

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