Aileen Wuornos

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Aileen Wuornos was a serial killer who committed numerous crimes ever since she was a child. She killed seven men and was named among the first female serial killers in the U.S. she was convicted and given a death sentence and was finally executed using lethal injection (Editors @, 2017). Being a subject to horrifying tortures, this essay analyzes various factors of her life that made her become a serial killer (Vronsky, 2007).

Alcohol and Drug abuse

Wuornos was exposed to drug and alcohol abuse at a very tender age. For instance, when she was only 11, she engaged in sexual activities for food, drugs and cigarettes (Editors @, 2017).

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Psychiatric history and head trauma

Wuornos had some psychiatric issues. She was widely famous for her instability. After her arrest, she was spotted to have schizophrenia which is a bipolar disorder and many other mental illnesses (Vronsky, 2007).

Criminal history

Wuornos’ criminal records started during her early childhood. In 1974 for example, she was apprehended for driving under the influence of alcohol and bad conduct. When summoned, she did not turn up. In 1981, she participated in robbing a convenience store (Editors @, 2017). She was charged, jailed and released in 1983. Again, she was arrested for attempting to forge checks and was also among the suspects in a theft case of a revolver (Vronsky, 2007). In 1986, her criminal activities started rising. For instance, she was charged with false identification, car theft, threatening someone with a gun and car theft. She then turned to serial killing. She could pretend to be a sex worker who would then kill her companions in cold blood. She killed a total of seven men and became the first most famous serial killer in the United States (Vronsky, 2007). These killings can be attributed to her troubled childhood which made her gain public sympathy.

Physical Abuse

Wuornos experienced physical abuse ever since she was a child. She was left under the care of her grandfather who abused her sexually. Moreover, the grandfather would always beat her and forced her to remove her clothes mutilating her body (Editors @, 2017). It is also said that her brother also abused her sexually. As a teenager, she became pregnant and gave up the child for adoption. Being an adolescent, she was chased out of her home and was forced to live in the woods (Vronsky, 2007).

Sexual Problems

As highlighted earlier on, she underwent sexual abuse at a tender age. Her pregnancy at the age of 14 was as a result of rape. Her brother happened to be the father of her child (Vronsky, 2007). As a result of these mistreatments, she stated offering sexual favors for drugs, cigarettes and food.

Psychological abuse

The horrifying experiences she underwent through as a child greatly contributed to psychological abuse. For example, her dad committed suicide while in prison (Wuornos, 2006). He had been arrested for child molestation. Additionally, her mother had abandoned her together with her brother leaving them under the care of their grandparents. Her grandmother turned out to be an alcoholic while the grandpa was a fierce violent force.

Dominant father figure aligned with a negative relationship with male caretaker figures:

The grandfather, who was her caregiver, abused her sexually. Again, he would always beat her and force her to remove her clothes.

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Negative relationships with both natural mother and or adoptive mother:

Diane Wuornos, Wuornos’ mother was about 15 years when she had her. She, therefore, abandoned her kids when Wuornos was only four (Wuornos, 2006). The grandmother who was to take care of the children never cared, she was alcoholic who neglected her grandchildren.

Treated unfairly

As a child, she was generally treated unfairly. First, her mum abandoned her and she never got to meet her father. She was also homeless at some point in her life (Vronsky, 2007). When she was only 15, her grandmother died and her grandfather threw her out of the house. She, therefore, started supporting herself by indulging in prostitution. Furthermore, her brother and grandfather raped her and became pregnant at only 14 years (Vronsky, 2007).

Demon seed

Wuornos’ can generally be referred to as a demon seed. For instance, her father was imprisoned because of molesting children sexually (Wuornos, 2006). Just like Wuornos’ he was also diagnosed with schizophrenia making him commit suicide. The grandparents were also not exceptional. They neglected and ill-treated Wuornos.

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The Trilogy

There is no information regarding the trilogy features of Wuornos. There is no point in her bibliography where she is depicted as arson, wetting the bed or showing cruelty to animals.


In conclusion, through learning Wuorno’s life history, we come to understand why she turned out to be who she was. It can be concluded that she was doomed from the very beginning (Vronsky, 2007). She endured numerous childhood nightmares characterized by sexual abuse, homelessness and instability. Even though this cannot justify all her wrong doings, her history privides such as a strong explanation as to why she turned out to be a prostitute and a serial killer (Vronsky, 2007).

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