Assisted suicide persuasive essay

Subject: 🏥 Health Care
Type: Persuasive Essay
Pages: 4
Word count: 950
Topics: ☠️ Assisted Suicide, Human Rights
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I love my life. Life is a virtue given to any organism and in particular to human being. Man has a purpose to accomplish in this world and has unlimited to perform these functions in the time provided which may end any time unknowingly. For this reason therefore, one should embrace the gift of life and not to wish for death under any circumstance. Of all the living things, man alone must achieve its purpose freely and consciously as compared to other phenomena in the universe who carry out their function and purpose involuntarily through force.

With this rapid and dramatic development in the field of medicine, there is power to save more life as compared to before when there was less development in technology. This development has brought to the cure of different diseases and also to the level of pain on people during sickness. Then, why should one choose to die with this kind of development where we can save life? Even though improved medical technology has given has power to sustain life of patients whose mental and physical capabilities cannot be restored, whose pain cannot be eliminated and whose degenerating conditions cannot be reversed, death and pain cannot still be stopped, all the pain cannot be eliminated and mostly the mental and physical pain which thereafter leads to psychological torture. One should therefore be allowed to take his/ her life as long as it does not infringe any kind of pain to the people around them like the family member. Death is a must and cannot be avoided and even if we sustain the life of someone with the use of technology, sometimes we have to let go. There is no need of the family using all the resources on one’s life that will at long last die. Life has to continue with or without the loved ones and if they appreciate the act of taking their own life to save others then they should be allowed to exercise their right to live or to take their own life but should be done under strict laws. Furthermore, it is said that we have the obligation to our fellow human beings from any kind of suffering and to respect their dignity.

After watching the video I get to sympathize to some extent with the wife of Craig, his family and also the his society as they have lost a great person, a professor, a role model, a father and a mentor to most growing population due to the level of education and the kind of profession he had under his name. Though the society opposes any measure allowing assisted death and suicide since we have the moral duty to preserve and protect all life and by assisting people destroy their lives violates the fundamental we have to respect human life. But under what circumstance does Craig take his life, he has been suffering for months from a motor neuron disorder, he knows he is dying and not tired of living, “I’m tired of the disease, but I’m not tired of living. And I still enjoy it enough that I’d like to continue. But the thing is that I really can’t.” Craig knows the importance of living and he still want to live but he does not want to live in fantasy world thinking he will survive, he cannot help his family any more, and he is paralyzed. He has two choices, to take his life or to suffer and die at the end, he can’t avoid death. He appreciates the improved technology which has kept him a live this long. His death is justified in my view and it’s the right choice and the best move he made.

In California, people are encouraged to support the initiative “Human and Dignified Death Act” this will allow physicians to end the life of patients who are terminally ill but upon the request of the patient, pursuant to properly executed legal documents. In the present law, assisted suicide is illegal while suicide is not. In the U.S the law allows assisted suicide for those who are critically ill and those who have less than 6 months to live but the patient have to administer the medication themselves. In the states like Oregon, Vermont, Montana, New Mexico and Washington permits assisted suicide (Thomas& Jasmine, 2013). In Ohio the act is not permitted and its people takes advantage of other states where the act is permitted to take their lives but most of their physicians and medics argue that the law should be permitted but there is strong political opposition. The legal picture on this issue is highly called for and most states and countries should pass the law to allow its citizens to practice assisted suicides (Thomas& Jasmine, 2013).

Being in Craig’s position I would make the same decision. I appreciate the gift of life and the improvement in technology, but, we have to let go and consider the people around us. Even the wife says she lost Craig 6 months ago when he contacted the disease. I would not want to keep people around me at ransom like in the case of his wife who was keeping him company most of the time. You don’t let people around you to be affected by your state and we need to learn to appreciate the life we have lived and what we achieve in life.


Everyone is entitled to life and should be allowed to take his/her life if need be and if they are under extreme cases of death and as long their death does not infringe any pain to people around them. Therefore, laws should be passed to permit individuals on assisted suicides.

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