An Ideal Prison

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I have to state that for the records, the rates of incarceration in the United States are very high. America by far was one of the developed countries with the highest number of citizens and non-citizens in their jails. Therefore if there is an example out here that anybody would want to use as a failed Justice system, then the best example would be the United States. Because, when this country arrests a person and incarcerates him or her when he or she is released out there, there is even higher chance that he or she will be rearrested and be brought back in. Therefore we should ask whether our prison system is making things work or help.

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Therefore an ideal prison system that any country should look up to would be that of Norway. An ideal prison should be one that is based on correcting the wrongs that the person incarcerated did right. Not punishing the person in jail. This would be referred to as restorative justice. Therefore the place should be everything near normal (Cullen et al., 1993). Where there are bars on windows and kitchens are ordinary kitchens that have everything as well as the right fostered friendship between guards and the inmates. Because too often we find that the relationship between the guards and the inmates is marked by a constant tense standoff, so that whenever a person finds a chance at harming another he or she will take it. A relationship based on total exploitation (Cabral & Santos, 2016). This in return makes it impossible to have things like an environment near normal as inmates will always try to find the shortest route out of town.

An ideal prison should be one that is inscribed in the law where it provides that prison should not be to make the person suffer. The punishment here should be that you lose the much cherished and coveted freedom. That should be punishment enough under any standard and any law. What should be noted is that whenever you treat someone like something, it becomes that thing As such whenever prisons choose to treat inmates like they are animals, they should rest assured that they will behave like animals (Cabral & Santos, 2016). Thus an ideal prison should be one that pays attention to someone like he or she is human being.

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And ideal prison should be concerned with five goals. Prison should be about retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, restoration and finally about rehabilitation. The American prison system is designed to punish first the rehabilitate later, or even never. Adopting an approach that makes sure that prisoners never come back would be best. Because even a report from the justice department found one thing, that the strict incarceration stance that America had taken was one which contributed mostly recidivism. Therefore for this to happen then the maximum life sentence should be standard everywhere. It, therefore, should be like the Norwegian model which focusses explicitly in the on rehabilitation rather than punishment. So that it continually monitors whether indeed the inmate has been rehabilitated and if not keeps in jail till the moment it’s established that indeed rehabilitation has happened and the person is ready to go and face the world. The Norwegian system is one that ensures that every person in that system is going back to the society. It gives every person a shot at life again. Unlike the United States Prison system. This should be the ideal prison.

By definition, it would be correct to say that Jails are perhaps meant for those who have made poor choices in their lives. And their places in that system where the authority is vested on the guards over the inmates and as such the guards must choose not to abuses that power (Cavadino & Dignan, 2007). Another fact is that there is an enormous racial gap in the prison system. And this can bring an effect on the kind of relationships that exist between the inmates and even the staff. When there is a division among staff, and the inmates see it, it can be one big ground of unethical behavior.

One big thing that should happen is that every member of the prison staff should strive to exhibit good behavior. They should constantly ask themselves whether they are exhibiting good examples. And if they are, they should expect that to be shown all through by everyone. Another exemplary tendency that should be taken up in prison by the officials as well anybody else should be honesty. Quite often you find that corruption is a huge problem for the guards. This mischief spreads to the inmates who realize that it’s the only way to survive (Cavadino & Dignan, 2007). However, an example of honesty can help on cultivating a culture of uprightness, law, and order. Such a model of guidance can help create an environment that is safe for all the prisoners and even the guards. Because quite often the unethical conducts of these individuals is what brings the conflicts that they constantly erupt from these places

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