Trump administration policy actions on immigration

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Immigration has been one of the most pressing topics in the US from the perspective of various presidents in the United States. According to the Trumps administration, immigration has been met with a lot of policies including the building of the wall. This was the central campaign promise provided by Donald Trump. The wall was estimated to cost the Trump administration more than $1.6 billion (Lucas). According to Lucas, more than 5000 US soldiers were supposed to be deployed on the border in order to keep illegal immigrants away from the border (Lucas). The Trump administration introduced the catch and release policy which was in effect before the Obama administration. Trump administration was supposed to use the catch and release policy in order to let the illegal immigrants who are caught to be given a chance to appear in court to defend themselves.

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The Trump administration also set up some laws which were meant to decline the funding of sanctuary cities which do not comply with the immigration policy in the country (Martin). This would make sure that the support towards the immigration policy is more from various cities in the US. The immigration policy of the Trump administration also stipulated that there should be a reversal of the deferred action for parents of Americans (DAPA). The Trump administration also formulated policies which were meant to withhold shielding from the deportation of the parents of the children who are protected from acts of deportation under the DAPA policy (Martin).

In relation to the various immigration policies as proposed by Donald Trump, I would strongly oppose the policies because of the division they would create in the overall country. Building the wall would increase the rift between Mexicans and the American and that would create enmity between the two countries. The budgetary constraints of building the wall are too high and that would make the taxes imposed on the people to be increased in order to assist in building the wall effectively. With a budget of $1.6 billion to stabilize the wall at first, that would increase budgetary constraints in the United States.

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Hiring the border agents would also have a significant challenge in terms of the budget although there will be enough resources allocated in order to make it successful. The challenge would arise from the willingness of the people to be deployed on the border. Reintroduction of the catch and release policy would be a great challenge because there are few jails and detention centers which are set for the purpose of immigrants. That would require the budget to be expanded further in order to build more cells and detention centers to fit the purpose of the reintroduction of the policy. The reversal of the DAPA policy towards immigrant parents can be a great challenge because it would take a lot of time in order to be effected in the United States.

Generally, the immigration policy as proposed by Donald Trump would bring a lot of strains to the congressional budget and that would be a problem for the overall administration of Donald Trump. Although the policy will have benefits to the country, the process of making the change would make most of the Americans strain financially through high taxes in order to make the policy work effectively.

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