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Animal Farm Analysis

Pages: 3
Words: 884
Rating: 4,8

Animal Farm is a political satire written by George Orwell about animals living on a farm where they go through hardship under the owners watch….

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Symbolism in the “Animal Farm”

Pages: 4
Words: 858
Rating: 4,7

What is the best way to tell a story? While authors have different ways of telling their stories, symbolism is a common strategy many authors…

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Animal Farm Literal Analysis

Pages: 3
Words: 786
Rating: 4,8

Introduction Most revolutions throughout history took place due to the need for freedom and change through better governments. Unfortunately, even though most revolutions have successfully…

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Hidden Themes in Animal Farm Essay Examples

As soon as you’re assigned an Animal Farm analytical essay, many problems may arise in terms of structuring the paper, finding the proper themes for analysis, and deciphering multiple metaphors and symbols that the book’s author used to discuss the dangers of communism. Though the story is about a rebellion of animals on the farm, in fact, its themes go much deeper to discuss the potential of revolution in a totalitarian state.

George Orwell uses the power of satire to show the evils of propaganda, the degree of corruption and control, and the dark side of totalitarian leadership. Thus, his animals are a skillfully crafted allegory for the leaders of his time, including the USSR head Joseph Stalin.

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