Audience analysis

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The company

To accurately identify the current audience of the company, it would be necessary to determine the company, the nature of its business, the product or service it sells or provide and its comparative advantage over its competitors.  The company is “Maker’s Leather Supply”.  Its company’s description “professional leather workers here to provide the best of products and customer service!” (,nd) and its business involves “A small leather craft supply store offering lessons, paints and dyes, tools, and other materials”.   It is “dedicated to providing high quality leather supplies for professional craftsmen. This company was founded catering to holster makers . . . proud to be a distributor for the following companies: Angelus, Blueguns, Leather Machine Company, and Wickett Craig!”  In short, the company provides leather products to individual customers and also supply companies that manufacture leather goods (i.e. bags, shoes)

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Demography of the audience

Techavio’s research estimated that the US leather industry in 2014 is valued at USD 3 billion.  The demographics and characteristic of the audience of leather consumers as identified by are the following;

Median Household Income $145,833
Household Income Brackets
<$25k 7%
$25-$44k 12%
$45-$74k 4%
$75-$149k 33%
$150k+ 44%
Female 51%
Male 49%
<10 years 16%
10-17 years 0%
18-24 years 0%
25-34 years 14%
35-44 years 25%
45-54 years 20%
55-64 years 14%
65+ years 11%
Educational Levels
Master’s degree or higher 11%
Bachelor’s degree 19%
Some college 29%
Racial Diversity
White 79%
Asian 13%
Hispanic 4%
Two or more races 4%

Intended audience that the company is appealing to

Given the demographics of the leather products consumers, the company intends to appeal to middle class and upper class.  They are also mostly Caucasians and Asians whose age are 25 above.  Kids below 10 years old are also its intended customer.

The most dominant reasons of the appeal of leather products to its intended audience is its utility in fashion and durability.  Leathers are desirable and considered fashionable especially in high end consumer accessories such as shoes, bags, and belts.  They are also durable and is particularly useful for gun holsters, knives and tools and therefore appeals to hobbyists.

Values of the audience

The demographics of the target audience tells that they have high income, educated and mainly Caucasian, Asian and mix.  The bulk of the audience are also age 25 up.  Being such, the audience can be summed up to be sophisticated, discerning and have money to pay premium price.  Statistics also showed that leather goods do not appeal much to African Americans.  It is instead very appealing to Caucasians where the majority of its consumers are white.

Decision-making process of its target audience

The target audience of Maker’s Leather Supply belongs to middle and upper class who have higher purchasing power.  Consumers with higher purchasing power tends to put premium on quality and is willing to pay premium price for premium quality and service (Conner, 2015).  The preference of the audience for quality and premium price is not only because of the fashion sense of leather material products and its durability but it also reinforces their social status.  In this segment of the market, the consumers are no longer motivated by discounted price but rather the social status that the product projects, its quality and exclusivity.  Leather also tends to be appealing to mature consumers who finds leather to be an exquisite material for their accessories and hobbies.

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