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I fell in love with the art of learning from a young age. This was as a result of my mother’s career whereby she served in the educational corps for 30 years as an Arabic teacher and the director of the school. Unfortunately, my father, on the other hand, did not complete his university education. However, he continued to take courses in mathematics and physics through his job, and to date, he still loves reading and solving mathematical problems even though he is retired. He also encouraged my uncles to complete their education and they later became teachers of biology, chemistry, and art painting. All this enormous support from my family made me fall in love with learning, and I even went ahead and attained a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. After that, I became a Mathematics teacher at an elementary school where I have taught for the last eight years. In addition to this, I also teach other courses such as history, geography, science, and computer; and I use different applications to improve my students learning experience as well as my teaching methodologies.

All these years, I have also worked and made a personal effort to design and produce teaching aids to help students learn better, in a more convenient and quality learning environment.  I have also had experience in Scout leadership and pioneering of student activities for seven years, within and out of school, in order to connect the school extra-curricular activities, and provide activities and courses that build future leaders. I also worked as an assistant to my father who coached the children in our neighborhood. During that period, I benefited and learned a lot from him as he put much effort into bringing together the team and the home and the school to develop children positively in the Individual field and the academic field.  I used this approach in my leadership when conducting student activities which have led to the parents becoming supporters of the school both financially and morally. Having gained various skills and knowledge from these experiences, I decided to complete a tutorial to develop my abilities on a professional and personal level, and for the sake of my family, my community, and my country. I believe that by doing so, I will make a difference in education, community and instill leadership in others. As a result, I will play a role in making a difference in the lives of young people. As Nelson Mandela once pointed out that it is only through education that we can change the world.

This is what motivated me to come to your country because it is one of the most advanced countries in terms of the level of education; it also has a strong reputation in the educational performance and characteristics of the equipment used as well as highly qualified cadres.

By joining this university, I gained a big opportunity and because of that, I will work hard with the professor and students so as to benefit from the different experiences and get the chance to develop myself and my teaching methodology. Through my specialty in mathematics, which is undesirable for students, I will strive to change the negative perception of mathematics, and I will do my best to make it grainy. I will also work on making a difference in the manner in which mathematics is taught. For instance, I will incorporate the use of simulation devices like electronic games applications in the iPad.

Furthermore, I will team up with my superiors so that we can try to collaborate with companies and encourage them to install mathematical applications on phones, computers, and desktops. As a result, students will be able to play to solve various mathematical problems as I act as a guide and a catalyst for them in the classroom and outside of the classroom. Previously, I have taught children letters, numbers, English, and Arabic by iPad applications. I found that they learned very quickly and effectively unlike their peers. In the field of education for young children, there is a famous aphorism, and I believe that learning at a young age is the inscription on the stone.

Sport or exercise

I can say that I got my love for sports from my father who was a soccer player and the captain of my city team. Also, he was a champion in athletics and he held a record number in a 1,000 meters race in 1979. Growing up, he always took me and my brother with him to the playground. As a child, I always wanted to ride bicycles, climb on ladders, and on the walls of the house. This made me love enthusiasm, activity, and adventure. After my father retired from soccer, he started coaching the neighborhood team which I joined even though I was twelve years old and the team was made up of players who were sixteen and above. I was trained with them without complaining even when the exercises were strenuous and this planted in me a spirit of persistence. Later on, I joined the team city team that my father had played for, and I played with them for ten years. So far I have learned that through discipline, enthusiasm, cooperation, teamwork, physical strength, and good health anything is possible. Even today I still love to read about sports, health, and psychological benefits, and I can say that I have benefited a lot from my reading. After I stopped playing with my team, I gained interest in other sporting activities such as running, swimming, horseback riding, climbing, Kong Fu, boxing, and lifting the weight which I still take part in. I recommend my colleagues, family, and friends to so do as it is a good way of building muscles and maintaining a healthy body. Additionally, I also do some exercises at home in front of my children in order to sow in them the passion for sports and exercise. With the increase in the consumption of unhealthy food and air pollution, it has become necessary for people to exercise so as to remain healthy (Elwood et al., 2013). My philosophy when it comes to sports and exercising is that one should eat without depriving oneself of so long as one does so in ways that do not harm the body. One should also participate in sporting activities even if they do so only a few times a week. I believe that by having a healthy body and a healthy mind one can keep having fun until the last day of their life (Breslow, 1996).


Altruism is similar to nobility, and it demonstrates the intrinsic value of being honest. I learned the meaning of altruism from my mother, father, and older brother. Altruism is the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others (Harper, 2014).  My mother has a monthly income as a teacher which is not much, but she has done everything to help us throughout our lives. For instance, whenever I need something, my mother will give me what I need even if she needs the money more than I do. An example of this is when she provided me with a car on my first day of work so that I could commute to work more easily. She also helped my father build our house and apartments for us. Furthermore, she also gives money to her parents every month to show them love and appreciation for bringing her up. In addition, if her brothers need any amount of money or other things, she always finds a way to help them.

My father, on the other hand, is the person who gave us all that we wanted. For example, he built a home for the family and apartments for us. He also sold his shares in the bank in order to help me to marry, and he also gives us his own car to use if we need it. All these selfless actions from my parents have planted the spirit of altruism in both my older brother and me. We have learned to help each other, and this is because altruism became a self-value inside me, and I often feel ashamed whenever I am unable to help others, especially my family. In conclusion, my personal philosophy is what our prophet Mohamed said “love for your brother, what you love, for yourself”.

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