Business Expansion and Sustainability

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The company at present is observed to have 170 employees, who provide necessary service that is required for conducting successful operations of the technical procedures. Moreover, the company operates within the technological sector and has been awarded the contract to supply remote surveillance cameras to the government agencies located in the home state. The electronic company is supposed to manufacture the cameras by itself rather than outsourcing from the third party. It is further proposed that ability of the company to supply high quality surveillance cameras will enable to win contracts for delivering surveillance cameras outside the home state. These cameras were infact developed by the research team of the electronic company. The objective of the study is to frame an appropriate strategy needed for meeting the human resource requirement, so that it is possible to effectively undertake research for development of quality driven remote surveillance cameras. It involves undertaking strategies of recruitment, selection and employee retention.

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Job Requirements

Job requirements refer to the specific requirements that an individual needs to possess for getting employed at a certain position in the company. These include work experience, educational qualifications, professional certifications and external influence (reference by some reputed person) (Doyle, 2017). The job requirement for the given case can be depicted in a structured manner and is given below:

Assembly Technician

  • Work experience: At least worked for 10 years in the field of assembling electronic parts
  • Educational qualifications: Must have completed hi-school taking science course
  • Professional certifications: Candidates with diploma in fabrication course

Certified Quality Control Engineer

  • Work experience: Worked for 5 years in quality control department of a reputed electronic company
  • Educational qualifications: Must have bachelor degree in engineering quality management
  • Professional certifications: Must possess certification from previous employer for top performance
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Contract Administrators

  • Work experience: Must have work experience of3 years
  • Educational qualifications: Must possess a graduate degree in English with distinction
  • Skills: Must be proficient in English communication skills

Office Support Para-professional

  • Work experience: Must have worked as an assistant to quality control engineer for 2 years
  • Educational qualifications: Graduation degree
  • Professional certifications: Not needed

Impact on Staffing

The above specified requirements are observed to create a positive impact on the organization. This is due to the fact that the new recruitment will reduce the employee crisis that are needed for developing high quality and sufficient amount of remote surveillance cameras that are to be supplied to the government agencies. It is mostly focused on attracting the best pool of candidates from the job market. Another impact on staffing is that more expenses have to be incurred on providing salaries and incentives to the workers (Richardson, 2009).

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The strategy that can be used for the recruitment process is posting job advertisements on the e-portal of the company and in employment website. It will enable the candidates to upload their resumes’ and later the human resource manager can easily cross check that whether the applicants have met the required criteria (Holm, 2010).

Long Term Recruitment Plan

Long term recruitment plan are focused on selecting employees, who are supposed to serve in a company for a longer tenure. In the present case, the long term recruitment plan is focused on attracting the most desirable candidates namely in the profession of assembly technician, certified quality control engineer, contract administrator and office support Para-professional. Pertaining to these domains, it is important to monitor the candidates having knowledge regarding electronic devices. Moreover, the candidates must have adequate level of skills that are needed for working in the respective fields. The long term recruitment plan must determine about the salary that is expected by the prospective candidates to serve for a longer tenure. It can be done by studying the industry standards. It is to be sorted on whether the employees have worked in reputed companies. Long term recruitment strategies are focused on negotiating with the clients relating to the situations on whether they are able to handle situations of pressure. It is vital to ensure that none of the employees to have insufficient skills in the field of education (Robert Walters, n.d.; Larson & Hewitt, 2012).

Branding and Communication Strategies

In case of recruitment, branding refers to the initiatives that are taken by the companies to make the candidates aware of the prospects. In this particular case, the company has to use proper strategies of branding on its online portal. This can be done by mentioning the awards and accolades that have been won by the company due to its exclusive services of manufacturing high quality electronic products. There is also a need to reflect about the contract that has been given to the company for supplying remote surveillance cameras to the government agencies in the home state. Finally, the trend of growth in revenue earnings and profit is another component that is depicted to mention the leading position of the company in the electronic industry (Gorcum, 2009).

Communication strategies are focused on developing plans so that all the stakeholders involved in the recruitment process are informed timely regarding the timely updates. For instance, the online portal must mention about the job requirement such as education, skills required for the job along with the date of interview. There is also a need to inform all the employees of the staffing department regarding the recruitment drives. This is to ensure that they can schedule the tasks accordingly. The human resource department must also communicate with other departments to cross-check the need of employees (in respective departments) (Tiell & Walton, 2017).

There will be a positive impact of integrating the branding and communication strategies to the company. This is because all the necessary changes and updates can be made available in the entire company, so that it is possible to conduct recruitment in the most effective manner. For example, the company needs 10 assembly technicians and so, there is a need to properly communicate with the designated department to gather information on the specific skills that are to be possessed by the candidates. Accordingly, necessary changes can be brought about in the online portal and the same is to be informed to the external agency. Thi can help in publishing the job advertisements on its website (Gorcum, 2009; Tiell & Walton, 2017).

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Selection Process

Selection refers to the steps that are involved, while hiring a prospective candidate after receiving his/her job application. There can be two types of selection process, which can be applied in the given case. For the posts of office support Para-professional and contract administrator, there is a need to organize a test of word processing. This is due to the fact that the employees of this profession often have to communicate verbally. It is to be ensured on whether they are able to edit and take print out of important documents. Pertaining to assembly technicians, and certified quality control engineer, it is important to undertake tests that will reflect their technical knowledge. For example, in case of quality control engineer, it is important to take a written test that will enable to explore the abilities of the candidates’ competency level related to quality control. With respect to assembly technicians, a situation is to be given wherein the candidates will have to assemble parts of electronic gadgets within stipulated time (University of Oregon, n.d.).

The selection criteria would include analyzing, whether the candidates are able to handle pressure situations along with completing tasks on time. Additionally, it is vital to understand about the educational credibility and past experience of the candidates. The selection criteria must determine regarding the salary that is to be offered to the candidates based on past experience and educational qualifications. These five criteria are supposed to provide the company with the best employees. Offering proper salary can be regarded as one of the basic ways of hiring the most competent employee. It can be regarded as part of the long term recruitment plan, as proper salary will retain highly productive workforce. This is needed in case of the profession of certified quality control engineer. The engineers working in this domain have to ensure the maintenance of quality. Proper salary also prohibits employees from leaking vital data and thus prevents the outflow of organizational information. Ability to handle pressure is expected to provide staff to carry on multiple tasks, when demand for the cameras is high, especially while expanding market outside the home state (University of Oregon, n.d.).

Assessment Methods

The two assessment methods that can be used for selecting the candidates include cognitive tests and personality judgments. Cognitive tests are useful for conducting quality engineer tests, enabling to understand their reasoning ability, which is useful for completing the tasks in hand. In addition, it can also help to easily detect the quality of the surveillance cameras that are being manufactured. Personality tests are important for all the job professions, so that it is easily possible to understand their abilities to deal with officers of the government agencies in a tactical manner. Thus, it can be stated that the two tests can easily helps in revealing the job performance of the candidates. Hence, cognitive tests, personality analysis, past work records and ability to handle pressure are the job predictors that can thoroughly assess job performance that you believe can assess candidate’s abilities, knowledge, skills, and experiences (Pulakos, 2005).

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The given strategies of recruitment and selection are expected to readily deliver surveillance cameras to the home government agencies. Moreover, it is also possible for the company to expand operations and get contract outside the home state, as it will have the best employees in the industry. They can offer designs of more effective cameras at low cost along with strategies of marketing.


The company needs to hire the most competent employees, who can provide better productivity so that it is possible to get contracts of supplying surveillance cameras outside the home market. For this, it is important to give proper online job-advertisements and additionally provide handsome salary. It is also important to undertake cognitive and personality tests, and ensure proper cross-check of the educational qualifications and past work experiences.

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