Web or Social Media Advertising Campaign Analysis

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The business world is changing dramatically due to advancement in technology. The development of Android smartphones created a new means, which business can use to attain competitive advantage through various operations such as marketing its product and brand. However, many of these benefits have a basis on one crucial factor, which is communication. Technology improved the communication channels a business can utilize to communicate with its consumer base. Overall, it enhances the company’s advertising operation and the benefits that come with it (Boone, Secci & Gallant, 2007).

Description of the campaign

The aspect of advertising is a crucial component, as it ensures the business is successful and achieves its market objectives. In addition, advertising is vital, as it increases awareness and makes a consumer more informed about the product. The campaign involves marketing the company brand and product to its consumers in the market. The business is selling and promoting a unique unisex beauty product. It was a new product in the market with no other direct competitors making substitutes. The firm wants competitive advantage ensuring that it makes more sales and profits using the product before competitors devised strategies to beat the product in the market. The advertising strategy utilized had to reach its direct buyers and all other customers from its competitors. The approaches used in the campaign had to ensure that purchasing the product saves consumer money by removing intermediaries, which will in turn increase sales and, improve the brand and reputation of the firm.

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Methods the campaign deployed

The techniques used by the campaign were primarily three, which are claims, bandwagon, and promotion. Claims strategy promoted the features and benefits of the product to the public. The use of the approach is essential as it informs and educates the consumer.  Bandwagon method seeks to convince the buyer to purchase the product by using persuasive statements that entice the consumers. These statements have to be present in the ads. Lastly, promotion gives consumers excitement to buy the product first, as they will receive something back such as reduced prices, prize or coupons for more products the firm offers (Hudgins, 2017).

After research on the most effective advertising strategy to use, which also utilizes the measures stated above, the agreed best strategy to use was social media marketing. Another reason that ended in the same conclusion was the fact that the business aimed to reach a global population of more than 7 Billion people, where only half of them were internet users (Webby Awards). The fact that they were internet users meant that they had access to or owned a smartphone. In addition, social media had many advertising platforms from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Instagram (Lovering, 2017). Apart from that, research finding on the IAB report indicates that use of mobile forms of advertisements approaches such as banners, digital audio, and video, represent more than 50% of online business advertising. 

The use of this approach will allow the campaign to achieve is set goals. The reason for this is that it incorporates all the advertising channels and methods it aims to use. These methods are such as Google Ad Words, Google Ad Sense, and Geo-fencing. 

Google Adwords platform allows the firm to develop adverts, which will appear in relevant Google searches results related to the business or the product. The program is simple to use and very effective. It creates a network in the business environment, which increase marketing coverage. Google Ad Sense is another program the business can use because it ensures that the Adwords ads created reach individual websites. The approach has benefits such as it can monitor user clicks establishing the coverage of the advertising approach and enhances business networks, as it pays website owners to display the advert on their site. These two methods combined ensure the campaign attracts more consumers, targets and reaches the right consumer base, and makes the adverts both local and global.

Geo-fencing is a mobile advertising method where ads are in a smartphone app. The approach works in a way that it finds users in a given proximity range and send the advert to them using the app. The campaigns use of the technique will allow it to customize the audience and solve mobile network related issues such as precision and scale. Apart from that, it has other benefits such as drives mobile performance, targets specific location on a particular date and time. It also identifies high places with high concentration of consumers and the technology is capable of accurate GEO-IP targeting (Reynolds, 2016).

In addition to these methods, another reason to put more focus on implementing this approach is CPM. CPM is an advertising metric capable of measuring the cost to advertise to 1000 people.  CPM is social media marketing range from $4-6, regardless of the media. The fact shows that advertising through social media is cheaper than any other form of advertising both tradition and modern. An illustration is if the campaign uses Twitter, posting a twit will cost $5, and that twit will reach all its followers (‘Global Social Advertising CPM Trends in 2016 Q2, 2016’; Boone, Secci & Gallant, 2007).

Other secondary approaches the campaign will deploy are purchased-online ads and event sponsorship. Purchased online ads will be primarily for the website, which aims to increase traffic to the firm’s site. It is an efficient approach, as according to the webby awards sites over one million of the population the business aims to target own a website.  Event sponsorship is an on-site location event designed to attract consumers to receive a sample product. It will assist to improve the credibility of the product and enhance the organization’s brand (Lovering, 2017). 

These two approaches are essential for online digital advertising, as they enhance CTR, which is the percentage of times a person clicked on the advert. Others refer to it, as the call-to-action advertising. The CTR will be essential to assess the performance of the campaign, as the number has to be high as possible because if the number is significantly large, it means the drive has significant market coverage. The inclusion of CTR and Geo-fencing optimizes the campaign in a way that it doubles the coverage of the campaign by ten times what other online channels like email generate (Boone, Secci & Gallant, 2007).

The effectiveness of the strategies deployed.

All approaches the campaign implemented were effective in reaching the target audience. The significant contribution of the success came from the use of social media marketing. The reason it had over 50% effectiveness rate was its ability to develop a two-way communication channel between the consumer and the business, quickly promote the new product and it uses CPM. The approach also provided endless advertising possibilities from banners to videos. In addition, the strategy had no hidden costs unlike other advertising approaches like TV and radio, where the price to advertise spikes, social media has fixed rates, where the only hidden cost comes in terms of not money but time.

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Suggestion for improvement

Despite the efficiency of the method the camping uses there is room for error, which leaves an area for improvement. An illustration is how will the business reach consumers who have no access internet or unable to afford a smartphone. The possibility of that kind of situation occurring is not likely but possible, especially if the campaign aims to advertise the product globally. In another case, how can the campaign reach a consumer who is computer illiterate? Another situation likely to occur. These situations are the margins for error. The strategies the campaign can deploy to avoid such situation is by using the repetition advertising technique where it uses a means that continually advertises the name and product of the company, building consumer memory regarding the product. The approach will require the campaign to adopt traditional methods such as billboards and television. They are not cost-effective but ensure there is complete market coverage.

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