Causes of the American Revolution

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The American Revolution, which helped America gain independence and fight against the British Crown, happened because of a remarkable series of historical events. We will carefully look at the most significant causes in this essay.

The Colonies

The colonies in America were founded by people who were looking for a way out of outlawed slavery or religious and social inequality. However, when the British power and control over the colonies increased, the inhabitants were afraid to lose their newly gained freedom and wanted to complete everything to remain a liberated people, which became the driving force of the revolution.

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The French and the Indian War

The war lasted from 1754 to 1763 and caused significant financial costs and economic decline. In notable addition, the American colonies and France joined forces with Native Americans to participate in the war. Evidently, it was also aimed at deploying British troops in the American colonies and providing their primary needs. To implement this plan, the British government began to impose taxes on the population of the colonies, which caused great indignation.

Taxes and Laws

It is worth mentioning a number of discriminatory and unjust laws and taxes that were imposed by the colonial government on the population of the colonies. The Sugar Act, which increased taxes on molasses, and the Stamp Act, which demanded the payment of duties on constitutional documents and paper, are prime examples of certain acts that caused discontent among the population. In addition, the government collected a considerable number of taxes from people who were dissatisfied with the tax legislation.

Boston Protests

Many residents of the colonies began to protest against recent laws and taxes in Boston. During one of the protests, shots rang out, leading to a massacre in Boston. This more substantially influenced the situation to a critical phase and prepared an excellent foundation for the revolution. The colonial government at this time also introduced an increased tax on tea, which caused a protest in the form of the Boston Tea Party.

Attacks on Towns

In addition to all the above, the British assaulted several cities such as New York, and New Jersey, as well as the coastal towns of America, which forced people to flee their homes. This contributed to the further growth of unity among the population of the colonies, which sought to rebel against the government to withdraw inhuman treatment and gain independence.

The First Continental Congress

In 1774, 12 of the 13 American colonies sent their elected representatives to the First Continental Congress to clearly express their official position against unjust and cruel laws. As a result, a petition was delivered to King George with a peaceful request to repeal this act, but Congress received no response. In response to these actions, the population of the colonies decided to boycott British goods, which additionally became a key reason for the revolution.

Ultimately, all these occasions led to a significant historical event — the American Revolution, as a result of which America was able to gain its independence.

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