Gun appreciation day

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I do not think that there should be a civil rights movement dedicated to gun ownership. This is mainly because I do not stand by the gun laws that are so widely celebrated by some Americans. Unlike the African American movements that were created to fight against discrimination, gun laws do not help protect anyone. On the contrary, allowing for the extensive gun ownership only makes America more dangerous. The planned marches against gun ownership illustrate the efforts to end gun ownership in America (Zelizer). Civil movements are meant to help the oppressed, and I do not feel like gun owners fall into that bracket. In my view, there should be more movements against gun ownership instead of for gun ownership, as has been seen of late.

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Studies have proven that the number of deaths caused by handguns in America is at an all-time high (Sargent). Death by guns is one of the biggest killers in America, and it has turned into an epidemic. The number of civilians that die every day because of these handguns is shocking. At the same time, mass killings have also increased greatly, and innocent people and mostly children end up being on the crossfires. The idea that anyone is allowed to own a gun is scary and saddening at the same time. Guns are deadly, and the fact that America enables its citizens to own more than one gun is hazardous. Taking guns away from people will not infringe on any of their fundamental rights or necessities in life hence it should not be treated as a severe denial of freedom.

I believe that the safety of the masses is more important than peoples obsession with gun ownership hence I would not advocate for a movement to support the guns. Because the arms have more vices than virtues, it would be better to eradicate them or even tighten gun ownership laws in an attempt to protect the public at large. Great people like Martin Luther King who was at the forefront of fighting for equality would not advocate for the appreciation of guns in any way. Martin L. King wanted to fight to give people a peaceful community to live in, and guns offer the opposite of that. The Gun Appreciation Day is not an appropriate thing because it advocates for the use of firearms. The day is set to just glorify the guns and their users, and this is a toxic celebration. Guns give people some sort of power, and most of the time these people tend to overuse this power leading to unnecessary death. The appreciation day is only meant to make guns more popular and encourage more people to buy them. This only benefits the gun makers who end up lining their pockets with profits from the sale of firearms, and not the American citizens whose life becomes threatened by the widespread of gun ownership.

Because there is no law limiting people from owning more than one gun, such an event allows for people to stock up on their collection thus putting more people at risk.  The gun appreciation day is in no way a celebration that brings people together in peace. This day is bound to attract criminals from all over as well as people who intend to learn how to use guns with the aim of attacking people and causing terror.

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