Climatic change in Australia and its effect

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Australia like any other country in the world have been hit my noticeable climatic changes over the last few years. Climatic change is associated with an increase in temperatures, a decrease in the distribution of plants, insects, animals and aquatic life (AAS, 2015). The increased climatic change has resulted in negative economic and environmental impacts on agriculture, water security, infrastructure and people’s life. Environmental scientists have warned that if current climatic changes are not sufficiently managed can be the cause of extreme weather conditions in the future (energy, 2017). Rising sea levels, heat waves, the death of marine creatures are some of the long-term effects of the current climatic changes if they are left to continue.

The first effect of the climatic change is the disturbance of the ecosystem. Ecosystem refers to the coexistence of living things with their environment (Arena, 2005). An increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to global warming and acidification of seas affecting aquatic life. Although carbon dioxide is responsible for the growth of certain plants, it need be maintained at a balance.

Climatic change has also affected food security in the country. Climatic change has led to non-uniform seasons leading to droughts and warmer climates for farming to take place. Although there is crop adaptation to the changing climate, seasons have become unpredictable leading to lower food production. Additionally, climatic change has led to heat waves which have negative health effects on the population. For instance, in 2009, an average of 374 people died of heat waves.

Researchers have warned that decisions we make today might have negative effects on future generations. Therefore, the Australian Government is at the leading front to manage climatic change by investing in programs such as Adaptation Research Program and Climatic Change Science Program.

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