World War II Descriptive Essay

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World War II can be described as one of the deadliest wars that have taken place in the world. This war was fought for over five years leading to the deaths of more than 40 million people both soldiers and civilians. The conflict, which started in 1939 and ended in 1945, involved more than 30 countries around the world. World War II was a major war mostly because all the great countries in the world such as Germany, America, and Italy among others were involved in this war and hence other small countries were involved as they supported some of these super power countries (Gosney and Hughes, 2016). After the war had ended, treaties and contracts were formed by various countries to ensure that a war like this would never take place again in the world.

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Parties involved in World War II

The war involved a lot of countries but was mainly divided into two parties, the Allies, and the Axis. The Allies constituted several countries which were the United States, the Soviet Union, the Great Britain and China. The main aim of these countries was to defeat the Axis powers so as create peace in the world. The Allies were led by Winston Churchill of the Great Britain, Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union and Franklin Roosevelt of the United States of America. On the other hand, the Axis powers consisted of Germany, Italy, and Japan. These countries came together because each of them had an objective of expanding its territories and they all wanted the obliteration of the Soviet Union. The leaders of the Axis powers were Benito Mussolini of Italy, Adolf Hitler of Germany and Emperor Hirohito of Japan.

Theaters of World War II

World War II involved a lot of areas in where there were huge fights between several countries in the world. One theater of World War II was the European theater. This theater involved a huge fight in Europe where Poland was invaded by Germany and also the Soviet Union. The war ended with Germany surrendering while the Soviet Union was able to conquer a big part of Europe. The war in Europe was involved on both the eastern front and the western front. Another theater was the Mediterranean theater of operations. This theater involved the war between North Africa and Italy. Later, America joined this war to help bring peace to the world by fighting Italy (Overy, 2015). The war in this theater also ended with the German surrender of 1945. Another theater of World War II was the Pacific theater of operations involved the Spanish-American war.

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Causes and Effects of the war

Although World War 2 started in 1939, many historians believed that instances that took place before the war even started were some of the causes that led to the outbreak of this deadly war. For instance, the Treaty of Versailles, which forced Germany to end the First World War was one of the instances that caused the outbreak of the second world war. Also, the global depression that was witnessed in the world in the 1930’s which created desperate conditions for most of the European countries and also America can also be said to have facilitated the outbreak of the Second World War. The Second World War officially started in September 1939 when Germany, under the command of Adolf Hitler, invaded Poland on the basis of trying to expand and gain control of Europe. This then led to France and the United Kingdom to declare war on Germany, and then other countries got involved, and it soon became a World War.

World War II was a deadly war which caused the deaths of around 39million people across all countries in the world. The war also resulted in the rise of two great powers in the world, the Soviet Union and the United States of America. Since the war involved other countries in the world, one effect of the war was that it facilitated the struggle for independence of countries that were not part of Europe. This is because the non-European countries were able to discover the weaknesses of France and Great Britain. The war led to countries to develop new machinery to enable them to survive in the war. Hence, this helped in the progress of development as the electronics and computers established during the war have facilitated the technological advancements experienced in the world today. Since the war ended with a victory for America and its allies, it resulted in facilitating freedom and democracy that is being experienced by most of the countries today.

The Treaties and Agreements formed because of World War II

World War II led to the development of new treaties, agreements, and organizations that were formed by various countries of the outcome that was brought by the war. One of the organizations that were created was the United Nations. The Allies of the war created the United Nations to be able to facilitate international diplomacy and cooperation. They formed it so as to avoid any circumstances that would lead to the outbreak of a third world war. The countries in Europe also created the European Union to prevent any outbreak of war between France and Germany (Schneider and Schneider, 2013). This union would help facilitate economic integration and cooperation within Europe which would enable the countries to unite.  Treaties were also formed such as the Paris Peace treaties that were formed when the Allied powers negotiated with the minor Axis powers on the details of peace which was aimed at ensuring that no other world war would emerge again in the future.

The end of World War II and its Impact

World War II was fought for over 5years and ended in the year 1945. There were several circumstances that led to the end of the war, with one of them being the atomic weapons that the United States used on Japan. The weapons led to the loss of many lives and also caused the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Young and Young, 2010).  After this incidence, Japan surrendered as they had been able to see that the United States was superior in the war. Since Germany was allied with Japan, they were also attacked by the Great Britain and America which led to them also surrendering. The war was able to come to an end definitely after Adolf Hitler, who was the initiator of the war, committed suicide. The war has had many impacts in the world both economical and physical, as the war led to other economies collapsing and also caused the destruction of lives and property in most countries.

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My opinion on World War II

World War II was a bad experience for all countries in the world. it led to the loss of many lives and also the destruction of properties. This is because the war made many countries to use most of their resources to be able to fight in the war. Therefore, the countries had little funds to develop and grow their economy. This led to many countries suffering after the end of the war which led to many people struggling. In my opinion, although America’s bombing of Japan caused a lot of destruction, it was able to bring the war to an end. This was important because if the war had persisted, worse things could have taken place and affected the whole world.


World War II was a fatal war that could want to be experienced again. The war had a lot of negative impacts on countries, especially women who were left to take care of the children as the men went to war. However, the war also enabled countries to struggle and gain their independence from their colonists. Treaties and agreements have been formed since the end of the war to prevent another world war from occurring. These agreements have been able to unite all the countries in the world and hence removing any chances of an outbreak of another war.

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