Cold War and Capitalism

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Zedong and Castro both believed in the ideology of Marxism Leninism which was a communistic ideology. On this note, the parallelism that exists on these two leaders view of communism is their hatred of the ideology of capitalism. Zedong and Castro believed that capitalism had a concealed agenda, and capitalistic states such as America could not be trusted, since their agenda was also hidden. The two leaders believed that the intention of America was to exploit other countries for the benefit of their own economic development. While arguing for this point, Zedong stressed that China could not get any help from America, even if the country needed their help. On this note, Zedong believed that it was naïve for the Chinese to think that Americans had an interest for their economic development.

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On the other hand, President Castro advocated for the strengthening of Cuba military resources, arguing that when it came to trade, Cuba could not fairly compete with America. Castro gives an example of the Spanish and the Indians, where the Indians exchanged gold and silver for mirror. In the view of Castro, such can be the relationship between America and Cuba when it came to trade. On this note, the Americans cannot be trusted. The image that Zedong and Castro are painting of the Americans is that of selfishness and greed.

A comparable impression is viewed on the justification of the 1994 Chiapas uprising by Marcos. In his view, capitalism was a beast that was responsible for taking away everything good belonging to Chiapas, and leaving nothing for the local people. To proof his assertions, Marcos gave an example of the deforestation that was occurring in Chiapas, while a large number of households lacked basic amenities such as water, electricity and sewerage services (Halsall 1997).

On the other hand, the Declaration of Independence of Vietnam took a different approach in criticizing their French imperialists. The leader of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh did not condemn America, but borrowed some key principles of the American declaration of independence, and applied it to the Vietnam situation.

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