Social realities: art and war

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Similarities between Eugene Delacroix Liberty and Pablo Picasso’s Guernica

The current issues of the world are usually talked about in many different ways, especially art, that is music, paintings, poems and many other forms of art. Eugene’s and Pablo’s works differ on a number of perspectives. The two artists think of war differently as indicated on their paintings. However, the main aspect about them is that they represent war. Both works are created in such a way that they present the major effects of war (Hensbergen 112). In both paintings, the bodies of people are torn apart hence indicating that there is presence of hurt and death. Generally, the bodies on the painting represent destruction which is a major effect of war.

Contrast between Picasso and Delacroix

When the simple outlook of Picasso’s painting is compared to that of Delacroix, what comes out clearly is the fact that Delacroix chose to include himself in his own painting unlike Picasso who just designed a unique piece of art. Second to note, the content of Delacroix works revolves around a choked democratic image or rather presentation of a woman unlike that of Picasso which has basically been termed as a painting depicting the horrific perceptions of war (Fonsmark 34).In another light, Picasso’s painting seems more like a cruelty presentation of the past while Delacroix art comes out as a hope for a better future.

How Picasso and Delacroix differ in their visualization of war

Based upon the personal presentation of both artists, it is safe to draw the conclusion that unlike Picasso who is all about bringing to light the past events of war that made the prevalence of democracy a nightmare, Delacroix hopes to bring a new dawn to the current generation of democrats through a simple visualization of how he prays the future might turn out to be. In other words, Picasso reveals the past so that the current generation can pick up ideas while Delacroix enforces the same ideas (Delacroix 45).

How Today’s Artist would Respond to Iraq and Afghanistan’s War

The artists today explain how enmity among people of the same race and country cause massive destruction that could otherwise have been avoided. Generally, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq causes displacement of many families due to dangers that linger around the environment every day.  Today’s artist would express these effects in the form of music together with real life films of the effects of war. They include showing dead bodies of young children lying on the road, displaced families struggling to keep their children warm since their homes have been displaced and people struggling to get food which is scarce.

Examples of Today’s Artist that Express War

The Coldplay is a popular music band that has released several songs including some about war. A well known song that the band released is called Violet Hill. The song was written in the year 2007 during war and is meant to inspire people that things get better. London Calling is also a popular song by The Clash which depicts the world coming to an end through war.

How modern artists differ with Delacroix and Picasso

Modern arts and artists are more about covering details concerning contemporary matters such as religion perspectives, stereotype mentalities and bad governments unlike Picasso and Delacroix whose sole objective was addressing the effects of war and how best to avoid such occurrences in the near future (Neret 30).

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