Creative analysis on winters a bone

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Creative analysis of drama will always depend with the viewers take on the themes, storyline and the characters. More often than not viewers have been given the right to give constructive criticism and also applause. It should be noted that people have different preferences on films and books. For instance, those who were raised from humble backgrounds will give a different analysis as compared to those of the elite upbringing. This is most evident in family dramas or focuses on social issues. In this case, Winter’s Bone is a drama film that gives a reality setting of some families. In the continent today, some communities have been adamant to do away with their culture or accept help from the authorities. They have opted to reside in zones that are dangerous to their children. This film clearly puts across that issue.

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Winters Bone is an American Drama film that was produced in the year 2010. The film was aired after a book of the same title in the year 2006. The film explores the life of a teenage girl Ree, who raised her mentally ill mother and her two young siblings. She is responsible for their dressing and meals; furthermore, she even teaches them how to cook and hunt. The whereabouts of her father are unknown due to his engagement in manufacturing drugs which was prohibited in that zone. The setting of their home is a rural place where the living condition is poor (Ebert). The involvement of their father in drugs puts the house they reside in at risk. The local sheriff informs Ree who is the head of the family in their father’s absentia; that their house was put as collateral for his bail. They risked losing the house unless their dad showed up for his trial. Unfortunately, he does not appear, and Ree decides to seek her dad’s whereabouts.  This comes after she has searched in all her dad’s friends and relatives. She does not heed the warning of her Uncle Mr. Teardrop. Her uncle tells her that Mr. Jessup Ree’s father might have been murdered by the authorities. Her uncle was not much help because he was also an addict of methamphetamine.  In the quest for her father’s such Ree is faced with challenges and even beaten up. She is persistent and tells the clan that beat her up; her father plays a key role to the house she lives with her mother and sibling. Luckily enough, her uncle saves her from the severe beating. Failure to locate her dad, she decides to seek other means to Carter for her families’ livelihood. Ree opts to join the military, but she is told that she will not be able to train with the welfare of her family and stake. However, as she gives up the military task, the women who beat her up in the conquest for her dad help her in locating her dad’s remains. They play a critical role in Ree’s family retaining the house and also some cash from Jessup associates. The film ends with Ree promising to stick by her family.

The film can be given a creative analysis right from the role of each character. First and foremost Ree plays a huge role in fending for her family. Despite being a seventeen-year girl, old, she is able to stand up for the family in all challenges they faced. The director of the film ensured that Ree endured all the challenges. Her life as a teenager is analyzed on the real basis. The film focuses on how families living in abject poverty handle life issues. Moreover, families that are raised by single parents are well represented. It is no doubt that a family with one parent puts the life of the children at stake.  Another fundamental issue that Winter’s Bone looks at is drugs. The engagement of Jessup into drugs is practiced to the society today (Phipps). Drugs have had a negative influence on the social and economic aspect of families. Jessup decided to engage in drugs due to unemployment which is a key challenge today. It is also a tendency that people have preferred to get quick cash. The harsh truth is that the behavior of parents influences their young children negatively.  On the issue of gender sensitivity, women are clearly represented. The journey of a girl to a woman is illustrated; in that not only men will appear in the foreground. Gender sensitivity is also witnessed in the rescue of Ree by uncle Teardrop. He does not attack the woman who is, with no doubt respect to the female gender. Men are also depicted to have respect towards the teenage girls beginning from Uncle Teardrop. If it was in another circumstance, he would have opted to assault Ree sexually, but he is truly moral in his interaction.  Additionally, men did not attempt to rape Ree in her dangerous quest to locate her dad. She always passed through dangerous terrains full of men.  The same women are important in searching for Ree’s father remains. It is also important to recognize the interest of Ree to join the military despite the background that she was brought up (Sandhu). The Director of the Drama proves that anyone can make it life regardless of where they were brought up.  They understood the importance of Ree having the house and also impressed by her bold move. On the other hand, she clearly loves her father yet there is no man in her life; which is contrary to her overwhelming respect and the masculine role of her dad. Another point of concern is the involvement of a detective who is not able to locate the whereabouts of one criminal. It is absurd for a teenage girl to investigate the disappearance of her father without the help of a detective. On the theme of love and friendship, Gail stands by Ree which can also be witnessed on the real basis. True friends have stuck by those who have family issues. Selling Drugs will always have a negative influence; psychologically and physically. Uncle teardrop was injured in the methamphetamine laboratory which is a choice that could be avoided. The separation of Jessup to his family is another negative impact of drugs.

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The setting of the movie is amazing; the small community, hills, and trees capture the viewer’s attention. It should be noted that the film is nominated for four Academy awards was not in vain. The scenes of the meth laboratories in that zone displayed creativity by the film producer. He first took the time to visit the locations; ponds, caves and burned-out buildings which were not an easy task. The Ozarks landscape mapped in the film was cultural plus the amazing banjo playing. This music instrument was best suited to the location and the movie’s storyline.  However, on the issue of methamphetamine, it would have been better demonstrated in a modern neighborhood.   In a rural community drugs, peddlers are known to be fewer as compared to urban areas. This is because there is the easy accessibility of drugs manufacturing necessities. Winter’s Bone film was out of context by introducing meth which has a ready market amongst people in well-developed places. Marijuana would have been the best option basing on the fact it can be planted in rural areas (Scott). Furthermore, it does not require many procedures for it to be distributed into the market. On the issue of culture, the film expounds the common behavior which is drugs in the community. Addiction of drugs is a common tendency in poverty stricken communities which is due to unemployment and frustrations. People living in isolated places will always have a factor that unites them. Meth was known to children because they were not surprised when their parents were caught in the drug’s mess. This is witnessed by Ree who is not shocked at all by her father’s involvement.

The characters in the film played their role quite well, but Ree has plenty of achievements throughout the film. As much as there are stumbling situations, she still sails through and has a happy ending. With the responsibility of her mother and young siblings at the beginning of the drama, it is easy to predict the ending. She is portrayed as a bold character that would do anything for her family which makes the viewer conclude that the father would not reappear. On the reality perspective, the film is very important to families that live in harsh conditions and have been neglected by the society. If given an opportunity to watch this drama, it will impact positively on their life ambitions and boost their self-esteem. It is no doubt that the life lessons that the director anticipated were well brought out.  Curbing drug addiction and criminals have not been an easy task in the society today. It is unfortunate despite the changes in time and civilizations some communities still exist in poverty and have no voice to air their frustrations.

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