Domestic Violence descriptive essay

Subject: ⚖️ Law
Type: Descriptive Essay
Pages: 2
Word count: 542
Topics: 💥 Domestic Violence, ⏳ Social Issues
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Domestic violence is and has always been a serious problem in millions of homes throughout the world. It has led to the breakage of many marriages. Many children are left with permanent emotional scars because of domestic violence. Many men and women have been left with physical and emotional injuries too. It is important to understand all these what domestic violence, who fuels it and its effects to help the modern families avoid being affected by this stigmatizing problem.

Domestic violence is the physical and emotional abuse that occurs in a domestic setting. It involves mostly members of the same family. However, women are more vulnerable to domestic violence. Women are subjected to physical abuse throughout the world in their marriages (Kyriacou et al., 2011). Some men have also come forward and admitted to being subjected to domestic violence also. However, the children are usually the innocent victims of domestic violence. They are usually affected by the abuse-taking place at home between their parents and they are defenseless. They experience emotional stress as they are taunted and made fun of by their colleagues in school. Some have even contemplated suicide because of this mental torture, and research has shown that they are more likely to be involved in domestic violence in the future (Hornor, 2011).

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Many things cause domestic violence. In most cases, it starts with discontent in a marriage by one or both spouses.

If one of the partners in a marriage feels like he or she is not satisfied, problems start to arise in the marriage, causing disagreements. When these regular disagreements are not taken care of early, they can lead to physical abuse by one of the spouses. Once physical abuse starts, it becomes regular and stopping it is close to impossible. The other cause of domestic violence is the violent nature of different people. Naturally, some individual are more violent than others are. This could be because of their genetic make-up or simply because they were traumatized when they were young (Holt et al., 2014).

Domestic violence can also start once one of the partners feels the urge or need to control the other. Hence, the controlling spouse results to abuse in an attempt to assert his or her control over the other. Low self-esteem and jealousy also leads to violence domestically. The spouse with a low self-esteem feels inferior to his or her partner, and the abuse can easily start from this point. The inferiority can be educational, social or economic.

Many cases of domestic violence are also attributed to the abuse of drugs and alcohol. People who over indulge in alcohol consumption and other drugs are usually emotionally unstable and they lose their temper easily, and this causes violence to erupt in their homes. Children brought up in this kind of environment are also affected by the violence because they end up with the belief that it is a normal thing and therefore they are more likely to become violent (Breiding at al., 2014).

It is important to understand the causes of domestic violence because it is a serious social problem and there are many health concerns regarding it. It has a big negative impact on the people affected and the entire society as a whole.

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