Analysis and Action for Community Health Nursing

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Immigrants and other undocumented citizens face various challenges in acquiring health insurance and hence having the challenges of accessing quality health care. The insurance rates for immigrants are also high that most of them cannot afford and hence they face various barriers to accessing health care. Immigrants mainly refugees are often faced with significant health needs that require a high level of attention, but because of lack of the health insurance, they do not get the necessary care (Derose, Escarce, & Lurie, 2007). However, the community health nurses can help to better address the needs of these groups of people through various ways.

One of the important ways that nurses can help these groups is increasing the level of participation in the health events that target the uninsured immigrants. Community Health Nurses can form voluntary organizations to help improve access to health for the people without insurance. The voluntary groups can be sponsored by other donors to help in funding the health care activities of the group (Ransford, Carrillo & Rivera, 2010). The nurses can also initiate vaccination campaigns that target the uninsured immigrants to help them access the relevant health care services that they may require for their general well-being. Offering free screening and testing services for major diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis and other chronic diseases would also help the uninsured population who cannot afford such tests in hospitals due to the high costs involved.

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The Community Nurses can also have a list of hospitals that provide services to the un insured during their community health services to inform the immigrants of the specific hospitals where they can get affordable services (Ransford, Carrillo & Rivera, 2010). For example, the nurses can hold a health awareness community event in the refugee camps and offer training on various health matters and in the process inform the people where they can get affordable services without insurance.

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