Drug Dependence And Partner Violence

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It is apparent to clearly admit that drug dependence is recently being the iconic trouble that is gradually crawling into many matrimonial relationships. This conclusion was, however, extracted from the recent statistics which unveiled that 76 % of female couples carry around with them the burdens of the resulting partner violence. Besides, several male counterparts are occasionally reported to be wallowing in the trouble which their female counterparts integrate into their systems the moments they begin misusing illicit drugs.

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Consequently, the affected marriages gradually deteriorate as the magnitude of the violence increases. This, however, happens the moment mere cases of misunderstanding escalate to levels which are either troubling or thrilling to one of the couples. To point out this example, the trouble begins with very simple and easy to solve challenges such as coming home late, ideal disagreements, and mere threats which the drug dependence partner may impose to her colleague. Nevertheless, multiple intelligentsia argues that the troubling issues, possibly vanish when the responsible individuals stop misusing the drugs which in one way or the other control their entire perceptions (Kraanen et al., 2014).

It would, therefore, obvious to state that the only approach that can ease the increasing tension in these families is stopping the misuse of the drugs which occasionally result in horrific scenarios. Besides, this is one of the steps which should be overseen keenly and precisely by either social service workers or psychologists due to the manner in which it is believed to owe the entire significance.Cnsequently, the success in this very step guarantees miraculous chance since the drug dependence is mostly the unethical move that triggers almost all the inconveniences (Kraanen et al., 2014). This paper is, therefore, diligently structured to figure out the negatively overwhelming effects which the couples in marriage pass through the very moments one of them begins to abuse illegal drugs which in one way or the other directs him/her to commit terrible deeds.

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Literature Review

Parter violence is a form of domestic violence that is believed to be brought forth by several factors with the inclusion of mere disagreements which occasionally emerge after the couples differ in opinions. Nevertheless, a close look of the issue has recently revealed that drug dependence is the significant aspect that many couples claim to be gradually drowning their matrimonial relationships. Besides, it would be needless to point out that some of the associating negative impacts which bombard the victims appear to be very terrible to the extend of forcing the authorities to intervene (Jennings et al., 2014).

To shallow some of the details, testimonials from a significant number of the victims unveil that some of them pass through torture, mockery, and even deaths amongst others in the attempts to save their marriages from collapsing. For instance, many of the recorded deaths are believed to be mostly comprised of the female counterparts who seem to be the most vulnerable and severely affected by the inconvenience.

The horrific trend, therefore, pushed for implementation of rules and regulations mostly in developed countries to ban any kind of mistreatment incorporated to any of the couples due to the negative impacts brought forth by be misuse of these deceptive illegal drugs. Nevertheless, the recent research recorded a significant surge of the number of married couples who find themselves encapsulated by the horrific scenarios which supposedly integrate psychological trauma to many of them (Hughes et al., 2010).

The Foundation Of Drug Dependence Partner Violence

The foundation of this form of violence reads back multiple years ago the very moment drugs such as alcohol, heroin, and Bhang amongst others entered into the job market. Besides, their ability to stimulate the nervous system of the individuals who use them demanded the attention of a great range of personalities with the inclusion of children who started depending on them to feel joyous and more relaxed. Unfortunately, the trouble emerged the very moment it was realized that they contained addictive components which made the abusers depended on them at almost all times (Stover et al., 2013).

This, undoubtedly came with a myriad of terrific consequences which measured far heavier than the so-called luxurious impacts which accompanied the consumption. Partner violence, perhaps remains to be the iconic trouble which several communities and different cultures around the globe constantly claim to be leading the other negative impacts which encompass the dependence. As a result, a lot of women currently decide to be single mothers with the intention of escaping humiliation and torture, which they either hear of or even witness at an occasional basis (Stover et al., 2013).

Consequently, many governments and non governmental organizations around the globe are currently expressing their concern to tirelessly fight for the rights of the oppressed. This has, however, seen implementation of several policies and criminal acts which multiple intelligentsia believes to be effective enough to the extent of mitigating the widening gap. One of these policies and which is clearly stated in the constitution of the United States prohibits any attempt to physically assault any individual, whether he/she is involved in a marriage or not (Stover et al., 2013).

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Fortunately, the act appears have significantly lowered the cases of partner violence and, especially the ones which were previously brought forth by drug dependence of one of the marriage partners. The reason behind this  decrease in partner violence is, perhaps believed to have been recorded due to the strict reinforcement measures which either send the offenders to prison or force them to pay a lot of fines to the victims. Nevertheless, it is very unfortunate to realize that many other countries around the globe knowingly neglect the move with many others stating that the policy violates the societal moral ethics (Stover et al., 2013).

The presumption, therefore, indirectly encourages the violent and in fact, superior couples to take advantage of their counterparts by beating and publicly humiliating them as if they were their children. This type of move is believed to hurt, especially after considering the manner in which it appears to be unethical and arrogant to the innocent victims who occasionally end up being hurt or even killed in the process. Nevertheless, the recent statistics unveiled that the percentage of this heinous partner violence stands at 73 % across the globe (Stover et al., 2013).

This can, however, be attributed to the reception that women are inferior than their male counterparts. Many, perhaps, believe that the superiority does not grant any person the mandate to physically assault or even humiliate the other. The perception is, therefore, the one that has resulted in the cases where the women, couples carry the violence burdens around with them with many of them embracing the decisions of committing suicides by either poisoning or even burning themselves alive (Stover et al., 2013).

Conversely, the courageous women seem to owe  a different take, especially when encaged in this situation. The retaliation of many of them, however, appears to dramatize the tragedy when many of the male victims reportedly lose their private parts, agonize with the pain of being burned by the use of hot water or even vanish miserably after their women counterparts decide to kill them silently by use of piercing objects such as knives (Stover et al., 2013).

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The Historical contextualization

It is crystal clear to state that the drug dependence partner violence appeared to take significant and in fact, historic shift the very moment government and non governmental agencies declared to fight it by all means available. For instance, the shift undertaken by the offenders appears to be horrible and mentally traumatizing since many of them decide to follow a path that rescues them from the wrath of the judicial system which in most cases prosecute without requiring any bond (Vedel et al., 2013).

To point out this relevant example, many matrimonial disputes are realized when the victims are either dead or even fatally injured. This very stage is reached the very moment their counterparts accumulate the burning anger internally only to explode it the very moment they consume very thrilling drugs such as Bhang. What happens is that the drug psychologically takes control of their internal conscience and perceptions  besides showing them that they ought to take full revenge of whatever they think the victims ever committed before (Vedel et al., 2013).

What transpires in this case is, therefore, a brutal fight that sends the victims to critical care centers or even to the graves. The controversy, perhaps unfolds the very moment the responsible authorities begin to act. Evidently, many of them either prosecute the offender with a capital offense or even demand huge sums of money as if the lost invaluable life can be put in comparison with the value depicted by material possessions (Vedel et al., 2013).

The big question, in this case,  is what ought to be done to ensure that such acts do not happen whatsoever to promise safety and freedom to the partners irrespective of their gender or financial standing. This question, perhaps directs me to review the professional opinions of reliable scholars which I hold the view are diligent and reliable enough to be embraced whenever solving any critical drug dependence partner violence. It is, however, a matter of guiding the partners to be evaluating the signs of any physical assault or even humiliation before it gets too late. Moreover, the decision of closely analyzing the impacts of the drugs to the individual appears to be helpful whenever professionally embraced in good faith (Holmes, 2013).

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To elaborate the point  a bit, it remains to be a matter of advising the partners to be leaving the marriage whenever they suspect that their counterparts are planning evil against them. Moreover, the very same decision can be embraced whenever the individual abusing the drugs depicts any kind of terrible behavior such as threatening to kill among others. Many scholars appear to be fully convinced that the move enables the victims to stay safe and for a long period after considering the physical injuries which are occasionally incorporated into the systems of the victims which mostly end up  dying miserably (Holmes, 2013).

Drug Dependence Partner Violence And Criminological Theory

Although multiple theories attempt to explain the origin of many crimes which are occasionally committed more so on a daily basis, it is crystal clear to state that no particular theory whatsoever can solely explain the cause of all crimes. As a result, I firmly believe that the theory which were diligently structured to precisely fit the question in hand is the biological theory of crime. This theory, however, explains the unique behaviors which appear contrary to the societal expectations due to the manner in which the affected individuals seem to be controlled by certain internal irresistible factors. Unfortunately, these behaviors are almost always law-violating according the views of the majority (Caetano et al., 2017).

Drug dependence partner violence, in this case, goes in hand with the theory due to the manner in which the offender is gradually changed psychologically and physiologically by the illegal drugs he abuses on an occasional basis. This can, however, be explained scientifically due to the fact that certain drugs appear to negatively impact critical body organs which are occasionally involved in decision making processes. To explain the very reason behind by use with Bhang as an example, scientific research  reveals that the individuals who depend on the drug to perform certain activities on a daily basis end up developing poor judgement strategies which, in turn, stir up chaos after mere disagreements (Connelly et al., 2013).

To elaborate the point a bit, the drug interferes with the B-receptors available in the central nervous system at the very point that owes the responsibility to come up with critical decisions. As a result, the continued deterioration of the component results in cases where the individual almost always comes up with wrong and indeed, terrible decisions. This is, therefore, attributed to the decisions made the moments, mere disagreements ensure between the married couples (Connelly et al., 2013).

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These disagreements, in turn, escalate to conversations of threats and other filthy phrases which, when not controlled erupt physicality and injury to the physically inferior couple.  This very theory can, therefore, be embraced to understand the violent individuals better by evaluating the severity of impacts associated with the drugs under abuse. To point out this example, the alcohol’s mode of action to the decision making components of the central nervous system appears to be very different from the one of Bhang. The difference can, therefore, be embraced to predict any outcomes which may be brought forth by the drug dependence over time (Okuda et al., 2015).

The Appropriate Method For Advancing The Knowledge On This Topic

I firmly believe that relying on psychology experts and social service workers are one of the significant methods which can apparently advance the knowledge accumulated for this very topic. For instance, this is due to the manner in which the subject appears to be much inclined towards the performance of the brains of the offenders and the victims who unfortunately find themselves within the dangers depicted by the vehement outcomes.

First and foremost, relying on the psychology experts when figuring out the best moment to act enlightens the victims to be always aware and informed before the tragedy unveils. To point out this example, the role of the psychology experts, in this case, is mostly limited to the evaluation of any suspicious behaviors which are, in most cases, associated with the offenders. Moreover, the social service workers reinforce the knowledge by informing the victims what to do and how to react under such occasions. The combination of the developed technical skills, therefore, guarantees a significant decrease of the violence victims besides ensuring that none of them loses their life in the process (Crane et al., 2014).


According to the facts chronicled in the above context, I would recommend the following approaches which I firmly believe to turn around the available troubles only if they are embraced diligently and in good faith. Moreover, psychologists and social service workers are believed to be the very experts who can accurately deploy the approaches in their endeavor to ensure that the antagonizing couples mutually cooperate with each other. This is, perhaps due to the manner in which they are professionally trained to deploy patience, respect, and honesty, besides understanding that every human being is not 100 % precise in whatever he/she does. Consequently, deploying the approaches below by use of their unique expertise would gradually turn the situation back to normal despite the complexity that may have taken root;

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  • The responsible government and non governmental agencies should implement effective measures to control the continued thrive of the violence.
  • The partners should always stay informed about the appropriate step to take whenever they suspect any danger to lower the terrifying cases of death and fatal injuries.
  • The judicial systems should be firm whenever dealing with any relevant case, a move that would warn the other arrogant individuals from committing these heinous acts.

The information detailed in this very research paper reflects the misery and agony that multiple partners live in especially when their counterparts submerge themselves into unethical behaviors of drug abuse. To offer the details of the ultimate outcomes in most marriages, many of the female counterparts end up being convinced by their own intuitions to embrace the path of committing suicide.  Sadly, many of them leave written comments stating that they could not continue wallowing in the overwhelming pain. As it is clearly stated in the recommendation section, there ought to be agencies or even well informed individuals whose exclusive responsibility should be to scrutinize the available issues. Offering the appropriate advice to the couples on matters solving the worsening situation, therefore, assists to settle the dispute in one way or the other without causing any additional trouble. Nevertheless, this decision should be embraced only when the antagonizing parties are willing to ideally come to a common understanding. Many practically and literally experienced scholars, however, undoubtedly argue that failure to include both of the affected couples may necessarily raise the level of tension due to the cases of dishonesty and faithfulness. The inconvenience, perhaps ensures when one of the couples and especially the offender develops a considerable level of suspicion which may deceive him that his partner is betraying him. Ultimately, embracing the presupposed approaches diligently and in good faith is firmly believed to unveil significant improvement in the fight against the immoral act.

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