How do we achieve gender equal pay in the workplace?

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Gender-based discrimination occurs in different ways at places of work. It takes the forms of disparities in payments for doing similar jobs, training and hiring only a specific gender certain types of work, disparities in promotions and sexual provocations. It will benefit everyone should gender equality be practised in our workplaces. Championing for such equality is not impossible. However, it takes commitments in learning organizational behavior in taking essential engagements to create and impose such equalities (Cohen p. 889-899) because it is also linked to a country’s overall economic performance.

Gender pay gap is profiling is the practise that renders one particular supeior to the other. In achieving equality at our workplaces, it is necessary to train and enlighten the management personnel at workplaces on gender equality. It is the surest way to instill on the mind of organizations’ employees about vices associated with workplace gender discrimination. The management and the employees should educate on how to identify gender discrimination as soon as one happens within and around the staff. Additionally, they should be taught on how to deal with one as soon as it is identified such training could be important in dealing with such inequality at workplaces.

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Another method that will help in dealing with gender discrimination at workplaces is the provision of quality and available facilities for child care to the employees. This method applies to the employees that are also offering parental duties. It is necessary that whenever a leave is offered it should be available for both. The human resource team of the organization should work hand in hand with the management team to ensure that there are family leaves available for both men and women at every workplace.

In addition, the every employer should make it a norm displaying the success of women employees of the company. Since women are proven statistically to be leading in gender discrimination, it will be effective when a company empowers women and displays their success. In that way, the male chauvinists will learn about equality at the workplace and in return, it will promote equality. This technique is necessary whether the women held ranks in the management of the organization before achieving greatness or not.

Gender inequality can be brought to an end permanently at workplaces through publicizing the organization’s effort in promoting equality. Making public the stand of an organization about gender biases can certainly send the right message to those practicing the vice in an organization setup. It could be achieved through publishing against gender discrimination on the website of the company (Shih et al.,  p.145), as well as on newspapers to ensure the message reach many organizations. It could be published in advertisements and many editorials to reach many vendors and the entire workforce. This dedication would promote gender equality at workplaces. 

Gender equalities at workplaces have several positive implications. It has a positive impact on economic growth and improvements in the production of the nation at large. In addition, an organization with good gender-based practices always experience elevated performances as well as the reputation. It also enables the companies to attract and retain the best talents available.

In a bid to ensure gender equality is enforced in an organization, the federal government has made it mandatory for the organization to construct policies that will act as guidelines for dealing with the vice. Policies should include and not be limited to the following: equal compensation, strict laws on sexual harassments, allowing all genders to balance their lives at work with the personal lives, and a non-discriminating policy that will apply to all employees.

Finally, it is recommended that in enforcing the policies that deal with the gender pay gaps, both men and women should be handled equally. Profiling women as the main victims of gender pay gaps may have a lasting result on men by making them endangered group or worse face extinction. However, gender equality should be practiced as it has good effects on employees both at production and performances level. 

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