Drugs Abuse Descriptive Essay

Subject: 🏥 Health Care
Type: Descriptive Essay
Pages: 2
Word count: 539
Topics: 💉 Drug Abuse, Addiction, Health, Medicine, Nursing
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A drug abuse is considered as a chemical that has been intended to make a person addicted to the drugs. The study of Wills illustrates that drug abuse is the obsessed habit of a person to consume illegal drugs on a daily basis (Wills 79). In this concern, it becomes evident that drugs abuse is regarded as illegal as it has numerous adverse effects on the general public.

On the other hand, it is an observable fact that illegal drugs are easily available all over the places in the metropolitan cities as well. It is estimated that more than 30 million people consume illegal drugs on a daily basis (Wills 91). The worst aspect of drug abuse is that it makes a person addictive. Therefore, the consumers become obsessed with the harmful drugs and start to consume those drugs in an excessive amount which creates a lot of trouble for the people. The harmful drug compounds are available in different forms including liquor and cigarettes.

There are various reasons for consuming drugs and there are different types of drugs used by people that are harmful for them and for the entire society. It is difficult to understand that how people become addicted to drug use and then their brain change it to foster compulsive drug abuse. Drug abuse has become a social problem. Mostly, those who are morally weak get addicted to drugs.

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Effect of Drugs Abuse on Public

The study based on drugs abuse illustrates that the habit that makes a person addictive to the harmful compounds has a negative and pessimistic impact on the health and social issues of human being (Lowinson 121). In this concern, it could be considered that drugs abuse is causing a lot of health related issues including cancer and asthma. Moreover, it makes a person drowsier and weaker, and they are not able to work effective which in return disturbs their financial scheme. Many cases have been reported where the employees are being fired by their company’s manager due to the reason that the employee was involved in usage of illegal drugs.

Apart from all the health-related issues, the illegal drugs abuse is also giving rise to the problems in the society as well (Roleff 187). For instance, a person that is consuming illegal and harmful drugs on regular basis typically loses their determination and strength of becoming an impactful person in society. Therefore, many students fail to achieve passing grades because of consumption of harmful drugs. The people who are drug addict become aggressive due to which they harm others in order to take out their frustrations.

Strategies Adopted to Control Drug Abuse

It is a noticeable fact that governmental organizations and commoners have adopted several strategies to control the issues and consequences of drugs abuse in society. The governmental organizations have established strict laws to prevent drug abuse by giving punishment to the consumers (Sloboda and Bukoski 27). Moreover, the general public has also actively participated in making the governmental policies successful by notifying the governmental officials about those people who are secretly consuming harmful drugs. On the other hand, many hospitals have also been established to provide a treatment to drug addicts and convince them to stop consuming drugs.

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