Factors Influencing the Effectiveness in Introducing Change

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Change in an organization may arise due to the pressure from the internal and external factors including the desire by a company to assume a different dimension in the achievement of their goals (BRESNEN & MARCHINGTON, n.d. 67-73). The external factors that may trigger the desire for change may include globalization and the development or advancement in technology.  In the FedEx Corporation, the process of initiating change has been triggered by the advancement in technology employed in the organizational operations including marketing where media has fully eased the process. The advancement in the transport sector further enhances the field operations of the FedEx Corporation where the process of parcel delivery was brought at ease.

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Among the major factors influencing the effectiveness in which change is introduced in a company include the knowledge or little or no information with reference to the areas that need changes. For instance, a company may institute some changes in a given department such as the finance sector in an organization. If the finance sector in an organization employs the use of information and communication technology, the employees in the sector may have a different angle of perception on the idea of implementing the desired changes. The computerization of the operations may call for the reduction of the number of employees in a certain sector hence the fear of losing jobs by the employees. The company should take the initial step of advising the employees on the possible changes and the repercussions associated with the changes (CUMMINGS & WORLEY, 2009, 389).

The other factor influencing the effectiveness in the introduction of changes in an organization include the human resource facing challenges in adapting to new conditions that may result from the experienced changes. The introduction of telecommunication and the information and communication technology in general may be mal-adaptive among the employees who lack prior knowledge of the same. In the case of a telecommunication industry, the individuals who find it hard to adapt to the emerging situations include those lacking some skills that are necessary in the newly introduced field. This was the same case with the FedEx Corporation and hence the company under the department of the HR undertook the role of training the staff on the current changes especially in relation to technology.

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The urgency in which change is to be implemented in a given department further affects its efficiency. Some changes may call for an adequate time to successfully meet the change frameworks. Time is of essence in the introduction of changes since the employees strive to meet the short term objective of the business (HUCZYNSKI & BUCHANAN, 2013, 53). The short term goals of any business contributes to the achievement of the long term goals and therefore hard to quit the operations. The FedEx Corporation had a challenge of fixing the technological needs due to the short term organizational operations that kept on cropping hence lacking enough time to invest in the future changes that the company aspires.

Poor coordination in the organization where there may emerge division in the structure of the organization whereby some officials may support the new changes while others fight it back. Much time is wasted in the discussion and consultancy especially where professionals. In discussion on whether to adopt changes in an organization or not, the chances of rejecting the changes are always higher as opposed to those of accepting them. The reason for the ease of rejection of changes is based on the fact that the company can incur any cost in the implementation of the newly adopted changes but be at no cost if no changes are implemented. The structure involved in the decision making process about the changes to be made include the high ranking administrators, the directors and supervisors. In rare cases the organization involves the employees at the lower in their decision making. The decision making process should take a bottom-top approach. In the case of FedEx Corporation the administration assumes the highest position and should accept the decisions by the HR who represents the workforce in the company (UNITED STATES, 2003, 23).

  •  Senior level administration
  • Administration
  • Management (including the HR)
  • The staff
  • The subordinate staff

In conclusion, it can be argued that among the factors influencing the effectiveness in introduction of change in a company include lack of information on the changes to be brought, the lack of acceptance of changes by the staff as well as limited time in planning and implementation of the changes that can contribute positively to the development of the company. It was the case with FedEx Corporation which improved their services through increased value for the employees.

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