Employee Compensation and Benefits

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The below compensation and benefits package will feature some of the things that the secretary, one who will be hired to help people consultancy organizations will enjoy. It will be for the secretary one to be appointed. The information that will be used will be from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The following table below will dictate the benefits and compensation associated with the vacant position.

Table 1

Primary compensation $ 32,116
Salary $ 32,116
Other compensations Total $ 1000
Yearly bonuses $ 1000

The precedent below will show and demonstrate the benefits package that will be passed on to the secretary one that will get the particular job at the organization. 

The benefits associated with the Secretary one position

When it comes to the job of a secretary, there are some of the mandatory benefits attached to the package. The benefits are set by the federal and state. The company must follow the rules set forth for employment of this secretary one (Statsky, 2010).

Insurance to the Secretary will come first. Therefore, the Secretary one will be insured which is meant to lay an insulator on the secretary one whereby he/she were to be affected by anything the secretary the company will have shielded itself from that calamity (Statsky, 2010). Also, the company is required to submit what is known as unemployment insurance fee which serves as taxes for the same. The company will give or disburse the social security tax for the new secretary. There would be an overtime fee given to the secretary if he/she were to work for long hours after the normal working hours (New York University Annual Conference on Labor, 1997).

Volunteering benefits

The company supported with its internal compensation will provide the secretary one with some good benefits being dental and eye care, arranged trips after every year. Also, hard work attracts rewards thus the employed secretary will have a compensation for his or her work (Statsky, 2010).

In conclusion, the newly employed secretary will enjoy the whole package of benefits and compensation. The candidate chosen will not be paid the same salary as to when he or she is beginning, that will depend on his or her performance in the company. The beginning does not justify the end, therefore, for the beginning (New York University Annual Conference on Labor , 1997); he/she will have to enjoy the original range of salary recommendations which is 32,116. The importance of providing such reputable benefits to the secretary is to encourage him or her to be effective and work hard.  

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