Has the internet brought about more harm than it is good?

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Internet is a system that links computer networks globally for serving its users present across the world. In the present decade, the use of internet has become a need for people in this world of modernization, as it enables them to stay updated and connected with one another at all points of time. In-spite of the innumerable advantages, internet might also be proved to be harmful at varied instances (Croatia 1).

Thesis statement. The essay argues on the fact whether the negative impacts of internet surpasses its benefits in the present era.

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Internet proves to be largely advantageous for people irrespective of their demographic or professional backgrounds. This technological innovation helps individuals to make complete use of their creativity and knowledge, thereby enabling them to contribute largely in the overall progress of the world. This system of global networking possesses the potential to stay connected with users present in every nook and corner of the world and further provides them with free access to all kinds of information only in a click. The present generations youths are also found to be strongly averse with the usage of internet, which ensures them the opportunity to shop, pay bills, learn, earn and communicate from any place and at any time through the online platform (Rideout and Katz 15-24).
In-spite of these advantages, the use of internet at time further proves to be immensely harmful for all categories of users. Internet also promotes the negative actions such as gambling, cyber theft, pedophiles, violence, and adulteration among others, which largely attract the attention of the immature children and the teenagers. Moreover, the addiction of the internet is also common problem, as it leads to wrong utilization of time. Hence, it can be stated that the advent of internet has brought along with more of harm than doing good for the society (Stanley, “Child abuse and the Internet”).


The essay therefore helps in understanding the benefits as well as the limitations of using internet by the users from all genres. On one hand, it makes the life of individuals faster and easier, while on the other hand influences negative activities throughout the world as well.

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