Implications of phobia

Subject: 💭 Psychology
Type: Expository Essay
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Topics: Phobia, Childhood, Fear, Self Esteem, Stress
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Phobia can be defined generally as the irrational and obsessive fear or anxiety. This fear is usually about some specific objects people or even some experiences in life. However, this definition ca be broken down into some specific aspects according to the type of phobia common among different people. There are more than 100 types of phobia that are known today. They include; cynophobia, acrophobia, agoraphobia, ophidiophobia, arachnophobia and mysophobia just to mention a few (Jang 159). This paper narrows down to the fear of being forgotten and its effects to an individual.

Implication of fear of being forgotten

As indicated before the fear of being forgotten commonly known as athazagoraphobia can develop right from childhood. This can continue to adulthood and eventually to the old age. This occurs when you feel like you have been neglected or abandoned for a long period. The result of this phobia is due to the experiences these people go through when they are left alone. Athazagoraphobia (fear of being forgotten) can also result from the low level of the cognitive ability. This will cause you to forget more often (Feussner 150). Therefore, this type of phobia has two dimensions. The fear of being forgotten and the fear to forget.

Intervention of athazagoraphobia (fear of being forgotten) in life

If one is suffering from this type of phobia one will have a low self-esteem thus an individual loses confidence in oneself. This type of phobia is likely to bring more trouble to ones personality. This is because it causes depression and thus inhibiting an individual ability to participate in the activities of the society due to the lost potential. In addition, such an individual becomes socially inactive and will often isolate him/herself from the others. Deep thinking as a result of forgetfulness is a key attribute of the phobia (Jang 165). However, these effects vary from one individual to the other depending on the cause of the phobia and the cause of the phobia. Some patients diagnosed with athazagoraphobia tend to be deeply depressed and others are angry all the time.

How to turn phobia into virtues

Most people suffering from athazagoraphobia (fear of being forgotten) believe that taking medication will improve their condition. However, it is important to be aware that these drugs are not completely free from the side effects and they have to be taken for a long period of time to show positive results. Some professionals also advocate for the use of natural remedies like the omega 3, having a balanced diet and exercising. All these can be remedies to overcome the phobia and have a positive attitude towards yourself. This will be the first step towards making a difference in life and succeeding in life.

Change in the mind results to the change in the behavior and eventually a character is built. If you commit yourself to a certain project or a plan you will increase your chances to stick to it and this will become part of your life. It will help you to achieve your desires. You should take a step further and include this commitment to the public (Hutton 353). To perfect it you will need to have a  person who oversees that you attend to your role without fail. This again will increase your chances of obtaining success. Another way apart from commitment through which you can turn phobia into virtues is by helping others. This gives you more satisfaction in your life. If you can show somebody the way to get a solution to some problem through either self-sacrificing or mentoring the person, it gives you a strong feeling of confidence and self-satisfaction (Hutton 353). By doing so, you will be able to improve the social relations, create greater happiness and be competent in your work.

Unnecessary anxiety created by the phobia under the discussion can also be overcome. This will be another way to help you use phobia as a virtue. Anxiety can develop from a point where you feel like you are competing with your conscience to complete several tasks at the same time. Instead you should desire to handle one task at a time and this will give you confidence and at the same time it will help to eliminate stress

When does phobia occur?

Generally, incidences of fear occur during the childhood period. This tends to continue throughout one’s life and persist even in adulthood. For example, if a child is bitten by a dog, anytime he sees a dog he/she is likely to panic despite the consolation from the friends. There are those phobias that emerge during teenage years and others during early adulthood. These may persist and hence be an obstacle to the victim. It is advisable for an individual with such phobia to seek help from the specialists to establish the cause of the phobia. However, the good news is that phobia is not permanent.

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