Importance of Studying Macbeth

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Macbeth is still studied to date because of the portrayal of relevant themes that impact the modern world. Some aspects of the themes depicted in the play match the happenings of the society, particularly in politics. The paper therefore addresses the theme of ambition and betrayal as depicted in the “The Tragedy of Macbeth” in relation to the Bacon’s Method.

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Macbeth lust for power makes him becomes inhumane, and he does whatever it takes to sit on the throne. He murdered King Duncan because he saw him as a stumbling block on his way to kingship. He was so ambitious that nothing could stand in his way (Brown, 7). Leaders of today are at times driven by their selfish lust for power, and they will stop at nothing until they gain that power (Lowrance, 823). The fight for power has led to the assassination of leaders and presidents of many nations. The depiction of the extent a person may go to get “their rights” is well depicted in the “The Tragedy of Macbeth.”

There is also the theme of betrayal. Macbeth after ascending to power orders for the death of Banquo (Shakespeare, 32). Banquo is his friend, however, because of the greed of the king and his desire to rule forever he kills his friend in the fear that his friend’s son may throw him out of the throne. It is substantially evident that politics come with betrayal.

In conclusion, ambition may be a good thing, but if not controlled, it may lead someone astray and do the unthinkable. People must be aware that power may change a person. Therefore, the play makes alerts us to be careful with the choices we make.

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