Improving Communication Competence

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Effective communication skills can have a tremendous impact on whether or not an individual is successful in his or her career. Through communicating effectively it’s possible to develop relationships that can help an individual achieve levels of collaboration that might not otherwise have been possible. Communication is also essential in conveying one’s messages to a person to advance an individual’s goals in life and professionally. In my own life, I have experienced problems through making people at times not interested in my verbal communication. Subsequently, the present research functions as a means of examining the reasons I have had these difficulties and presents an action plan to rectify them.

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A number of possible reasons exist that I may be experiencing this verbal communication problem. Among the major challenges in workplace communication is the understanding that frequently when an individual does not properly anticipate their audience’s needs it can result in communication difficulties (Strength & Weakness in Workplace Communication, 2017). In my own life, I recognized that I have frequently focused on the importance of my own message and not taken adequate steps to ensure that this message takes into account my audience’s needs. Similarly, I may have been too self-centered in my own communication efforts by not considering things such as the audience’s time requirements (Boyd, 2017). Another drawback regarding my communication efforts are that they are not always empathetic enough to the entire audience. In this respect, I recognize that many times I have attempted to frame challenges that I experience in relation to my own gender and have considered the ways that I have frequently faced challenges in relation to this gender. This approach, particularly when accompanied by gendered language, may potentially alienated listeners and signal to them my message is not relevant to their interests (Gerber, 2017). Another possible factor contributing to these verbal communication difficulties I am having is that I frequently do not take enough time to establish effective rapport with my audience, which has been recognized as an important aspect of effective speech (Smith, 2017). These factors clearly are all contributing to my communication challenges. An action plan has been proposed to help me overcome my verbal communication skills.

After comprehensively considering the verbal communication weaknesses I have that might be contributing to me making people at times not interested in my verbal communication. From an overarching perspective, the first thing I will do to improve audience interest in my verbal communication speech efforts is to comprehensively consider the audience’s interests and needs. As noted, in the past I have considered that the message I was delivering was critical and that through focusing on this message was the important part; however, without considering the audience’s needs and even altering the message to meet them halfway. Depending on the type of communication situation, I may even outline a list of audience needs and expectations prior to beginning the verbal communication effort.

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After beginning all communication goals with the audience’s needs in mind, there are a number of specific techniques I will incorporate to improve audience interest and engagement. As in the past I had not considered the importance of building audience rapport, this is something that I will attempt to incorporate into my communication goals. This rapport building can occur through being friendly with the audience or the person to whom I am communicating prior to beginning the main goals of the communication efforts. Another way I will attempt to develop rapport with the audience is through incorporating humility. Humility refers to having a modest view of one’s importance and is considered one of the important aspect of a person who is well regarded (Smith, 2017). Another technique that I will incorporate into my speech efforts is to remain more cognizant of the audiences’ time. Of course, to some degree this will be directly linked to considering the importance of the audiences’ needs, but through considering it thoroughly I will be able to shorten my communication message to ensure the audience can pay attention.

In conclusion, this research has examined the verbal communication difficulties I have faced with people at times not being interested in my communication. The reasons for this difficulty in communication have been examined, with my lack of considering audience’s needs and lack of rapport building among the major factors. Subsequently, a comprehensive action plan was proposed to address these challenges. Ultimately, through recognizing my shortcomings and taking active steps to overcome them I can improve my verbal communication skills in a multitude of contexts.

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